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Valentine’s Day Nintendo Direct incoming

Feb 13th - Have some free time on Valentine's day? Then make sure to tune in.

Wii U’s Tank Tank Tank is free to play in Europe

Feb 12th - Namco Bandai tries a new approach for the slow-selling action game.

New Batman Arkham game confirmed for 2013

Feb 12th - A new Batman Arkham title is on the way in 2013, according to the Time Warner investor's call.

European Amazon customers receiving Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U

Feb 12th - Amazon's policy of shipping games early has worked in favor for some European customers who ordered Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Rayman Legends developers protest Ubisoft’s delay

Feb 12th - Rayman creator Michel Ancel has joined the fight in bringing Rayman Legends to Wii U ahead of the new September release date.

Discussion: If Nintendo beefed up Club Nintendo as a subscription service, would you subscribe?

Feb 12th - If Club Nintendo were expanded to offer discounts and free games for subscribers, would you consider support Nintendo with a subscription?

Pokemon Scramble U announced for Japan

Feb 12th - The first Wii U Pokemon game announced through a Japanese magazine is Pokemon Scramble U.

Wii U sold 125,000 units in January: analysts

Feb 11th - According to estimates, the Wii U was outsold by the Xbox 360, PS3, and 3DS in January.

Developer says Wii U discussion at DICE was focused on cancelled projects

Feb 11th - Developer speaks of his experience at DICE concerning the forward momentum of the Wii U.

Resident Evil: Revelations for Wii U will feature off-screen play and Pro Controller support

Feb 11th - Producer Tsukasa Takenaka has confirmed that the Wii U port will support off-screen play and the Pro Controller.

Tiger Woods will not be available on Wii U this year

Feb 11th - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will not be available to Wii U owners this year.

Five hints for Wii U Zelda from Hyrule Historia [Spoilers]

Feb 11th - A look at some details you may have missed from the official Legend of Zelda chronology, and what they might indicate for a Wii U Zelda.

Game & Wario Wii U box art

Feb 10th - Nintendo reveals the Japanese box art for Game & Wario.

Hyrule Historia: Artbook meets Encyclopedia

Feb 9th - Our review of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia.

Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 will stay Wii U exclusive

Feb 9th - Developer confirms that Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 will stay Wii U exclusive.

Ubisoft to offer Wii U owners an “exclusive” Rayman Legends demo

Feb 8th - Ubisoft promises a new exclusive demo for Wii U owners to tide them over until September.

Capcom showcases Brachydios the Brute Wyvern in MH3U

Feb 8th - Capcom has released another preview of one of the monsters you'll encounter in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.