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Donkey Kong 64 gets the Unreal Engine treatment [VIDEO]

Feb 15th - Ever wanted to play Donkey Kong 64 in ultra-realistic lush graphics? Well you can't, but you can get a taste for how it MIGHT look.

Watch Luigi destroy Smash DLC characters while doing nothing [VIDEO]

Feb 15th - Luigi's famous for being able to win while not doing anything at all and that remains true with Super Smash Bros., too.

New support characters for Pokken Tournament revealed

Feb 15th - Several new support Pokemon and their supporting attacks have been detailed for Pokken Tournament.

Nintendo NX will support Unreal Engine 4: rumor

Feb 14th - The NX hardware will be powerful enough for the Unreal Engine 4, according to dev insider.

Splatoon dev says sequel is possible “if players support us”

Feb 14th - Splatoon producer hints at a sequel if players want it.

Nintendo shares plummeted 17% last week due to world markets

Feb 13th - The global market has been brutal on Nintendo.

Next week’s Splatfest pits Pokemon Red vs. Blue

Feb 12th - Nintendo is continuing the 20th anniversary celebration of Pokemon with a new Splatfest that pits Red vs. Blue players against one another.

Original Pokemon starters are now in Super Mario Maker as costumes

Feb 12th - Super Mario Maker now has the original three starter Pokemon available as costumes, with event courses starring each.

You’ll need about 5GB to install Pokken Tournament on your Wii U

Feb 12th - Nintendo has revealed all the control methods you can use to play Pokken Tournament, as well as the size needed to install the game.

Nintendo releases feature trailer for Twilight Princess HD [VIDEO]

Feb 11th - Nintendo's newest trailer for Twilight Princess HD showcases how the GamePad will function in the game.

Nintendo eShop: Oddworld New n’ Tasty and more

Feb 11th - Oddworld: New n' Tasty is finally releasing on Wii U and don't forget to check out the Nindies Love You and ATLUS sales!

Check out Oddworld: New n’ Tasty on Wii U, releasing today [VIDEO]

Feb 11th - Oddworld: New n' Tasty is finally hitting the Wii U eShop today, so check out this video to see if the game interests you.

Nintendo of America wants your opinion on their social media presence

Feb 10th - Nintendo of America wants to know how well they're doing with their social media presence, but there are a few wonky questions.

Playtonic Games reveals new character and music for Yooka-Laylee

Feb 10th - Playtonic Games is celebrating its birthday with a new character reveal, as well as a snippet of music.

Nintendo showcases all available DLC for Super Smash Bros. [VIDEO]

Feb 10th - Nintendo's latest Super Smash Bros. video showcases just how much DLC content was added to the game over the course of a year and a half.

Japanese Wii U sales plummet in the wake of no new games

Feb 10th - With no new releases for the Wii U on the horizon, Japanese sales have plummeted compared to last week.

Nintendo considering linking its mobile apps to the NX

Feb 9th - Kimishima has stated that Nintendo is looking into the possibility of connecting smartphone apps with the NX, Wii U, and 3DS.