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New Nyko Wii U accessories unveiled at CES 2013

Jan 9th - Two new accessories for the Wii U from Nyko have been unveiled at CES.

Club Nintendo has the golden nunchuk back in stock

Jan 9th - Grab your golden nunchuk with your Club Nintendo points before it's gone again.

Wii U Virtual Console games to feature off-tv play

Jan 8th - Nintendo confirms that Wii U Virtual Console is coming.

Tons of Wii U titles on sale at Best Buy & Amazon

Jan 8th - Save up to $25 on select titles from both Best Buy and Amazon.

Iwata feels sales of the Wii U have been steady

Jan 8th - Nintendo president says Wii U sales aren't what Nintendo expected, but they're 'not bad'.

Lego Marvel Superheroes headed to Wii U in 2013

Jan 8th - A new Lego game featuring Marvel superheroes is in the works.

Interworks ‘Controller Pro U’ review

Jan 8th - The Wii U controller that claims to be a remote, classic controller and pro controller must infringe on several Nintendo patents. But is it any good?

Nintendo President: production of two Wii U models was a challenge and unbalanced

Jan 7th - Nintendo President admits offering two Wii U models to consumers was a challenge.

Crysis 3 not coming to Wii U and it’s EA’s fault

Jan 7th - Crysis CEO blames EA and Nintendo for lack of business drive to see Crysis 3 on the Wii U.

Frozenbyte praises Nintendo titles for revealing a console’s hidden power

Jan 7th - Frozenbyte talks about porting Trine 2 to Wii U.

Wii U’s 2013 line-up: somewhat bleak yet somewhat hopeful

Jan 7th - The Japanese Wii U lineup for 2013 doesn't promise a whole lot so far, but as good things take time, so it is that we must wait.

Two Tribes looking ahead for more eShop releases

Jan 4th - Toki Tori 2 developer takes to Twitter to discuss bringing new games to the Wii U.

Rumor: Pre-owned Wii U consoles retain previous owner’s game downloads

Jan 4th - Purchasing a used Wii U may come with an added bonus for now..

Rumor: Nintendo working on cartridge for 3DS to allow Wii U control

Jan 3rd - Could a new way to control your Wii U be in the works?

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition [video] review

Jan 3rd - Is Batman Arkham City Armored Edition the hero the Wii U needs?

Data suggests Wii U has sold 2 million units since launch

Jan 3rd - Nearly 2.21 million Wii U units shipped this holiday season.

Mutant Mudds on Wii U to have exclusive content

Jan 3rd - Indie developer Renegade Kidd confirms the Wii U version of Mutant Mudds will have exclusive content for players.