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Game Ideas: Monster Rancher on the Wii U

Dec 21st - Monster Rancher could make a wonderful game on the Wii U while showcasing the Gamepad's unique functionality.

North American Wii U eShop games go on sale

Dec 21st - North American Wii U eShop gets 3 games on sale until early next month.

Cant find your favorite show on TVii? Try this! [VIDEO]

Dec 21st - Some people have had trouble adding their favorite TV shows, but we've got a workaround!

Super Mario Bros. voted 6th Worst Movie of All Time

Dec 21st - According to a Rifftrax survey, Super Mario Bros. is one of the worst films ever made.

Nintendo TVii Review

Dec 21st - From gaming console to complete home entertainment solution, Nintendo's future could rely on the success of TVii

Are the bosses in New Super Mario Bros. U too easy? [OPINION]

Dec 20th - Experienced gamers will find the NSMB bosses too easy. Let's be honest... Koopalings are pushovers.

Wii U slow loading times may linger, no fix imminent

Dec 20th - Frustrated with slow loading times on the Wii U? The solution may take longer than recent rumors suggest.

Nintendo TVii is finally here: what do you think?

Dec 20th - The long-awaited all-in-one entertainment solution from Nintendo is here... have you tried it?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U vs PS3/Xbox 360 comparison

Dec 20th - A new tech comparison between the Wii U and the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of a game.

“Reggie Asks” about Nintendo TVii

Dec 20th - Nintendo celebrates the release of Nintendo TVii with an episode of "Reggie Asks"

Want some Miis for that Miiverse of yours?

Dec 20th - We've got a bunch of QR codes for all sorts of Miis.

First retailer to sell the Wii U Gamepad individually

Dec 20th - A retailer in the UK has apparently begun selling Wii u GamePads individually.

The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Nintendo Exec Scott Moffitt on TVii

Dec 19th - As we reported earlier today Nintendo will release TVii tomorrow and The Hollywood Reporter gets the opportunity to[.....]

7 sweet Skins to personalize your Wii U

Dec 19th - Make your Wii U stand out from the crowd by giving it some personalized flair!

New Runner2 Wii U gameplay trailer

Dec 19th - A new Runner2 Wii U trailer is released, showing off an entire level from the upcoming platformer.

Nintendo president pledges to improve Wii U load times

Dec 19th - Satoru Iwata apologises for some of system's launch issues, promises to address Wii U load times.

New Dragon Quest X Wii U screenshots

Dec 19th - Square Enix has released a pack of new New Dragon Quest X Wii U screenshots