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Wii U starts shipping to customers

Nov 16th - Customers are reporting that the Wii U is now in the hands of the various parcel services and on track to be delivered.

New Super Mario Bros U will have DLC

Nov 16th - Nintendo will release downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U in the future.

Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and browser screenshots

Nov 15th - A bunch of new screenshots from Nintendo of Japan show off Miiverse, Wii U Chat, the browser, and much more.

FIFA 13 Wii U launch trailer

Nov 15th - FIFA 13 launch trailer showcases the Wii U specific features.

Wii U Mii creator revealed

Nov 15th - The Wii U Mii creator continues in the footsteps of the old version on the original Wii and on the 3DS.

Nintendo explains Wii U storage options

Nov 14th - 8 GB Wii U version will only have about 3 GB left to store games, which is not enough to store Nintendo Land as a download.

Nintendo explains Wii U’s online features in a new video

Nov 14th - Nintendo's new 15 minute video goes in depth with some of Wii U's online features, including Miiverse and Nintendo Network.

ZombiU extended developer walkthrough

Nov 14th - We get an in-depth look at ZombiU and some of its many features.

German Wii U trailer/advertisment

Nov 13th - Nintendo is rolling out TV ads in Germany for their new console.

Wii U game discs have rounded edges

Nov 13th - For the first time, a commercial disc format ships with rounded edges, as is the case with the Wii U game discs.

Analyst: Wii U will sell 50 million units in 4 years

Nov 13th - Analysts from IHS predict that the Wii U will be a popular console, selling 50 million units in just 4 years.

Wii U pre-ordered more than original Wii

Nov 12th - We spoke to half a dozen video game retailers, and all report that Wii U pre-orders are exceeding those of the original Wii

Sensor bar not required to play Wii U games

Nov 12th - Leave the sensor bar in the box if you're only playing singleplayer games on your Wii U.

Wii U menu music

Nov 11th - Full Wii U soundtrack of the menu music has leaked.

Wii U achievements are not system-wide?

Nov 11th - According to reports, Wii U achievements/accomplishments are up to developers to include in their games.

Wii U GamePad has special port for controller accessories

Nov 10th - Nintendo has equipped the GamePad with a special port for future Wii U controller accessories.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U trailer

Nov 10th - SEGA shows off Wii U specific features of the arcade racing game in a new trailer.