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Unreal Engine 4 can be ported to Wii U, says Epic

Jul 12th - There is a possibility of Unreal Engine 4 Wii U games in the future though ports, says Epic Games' Mark Rein.

Nintendo: next gen is about “improving gaming experience”

Jul 12th - Nintendo says that power isn't all important when it comes to next gen gaming, what's important, is the gameplay experience.

Wii U pre-production version photos

Jul 11th - New photos of the Wii U pre-production version have emerged from a Nintendo event in Toronto.

Indie dev: Wii U is easy to develop for

Jul 11th - Indie developer Shin'en Multimedia believes the Wii U console is very easy to develop for compared to other consoles.

Little Inferno coming to Wii U

Jul 11th - From the developers of World of Goo, adventure game Little Inferno is coming to the Wii U later this year.

Tekken team helping out with Super Smash Bros Wii U

Jul 10th - Super Smash Bros Wii U will receive a helping hand from the development team behind Tekken, says Namco Bandai.

Developer: Miyamoto is like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs

Jul 10th - Shigeru Miyamoto is like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs, according to developer Q-Games, who worked on Star Fox 3DS.

Tekken developer: Wii U CPU clock is “kinda low”

Jul 10th - While the graphics are powerful, the Wii U CPU clock speed is kinda low compared to other consoles, says Tekken developer Namco.

Nintendo responds to Microsoft’s Wii U comment

Jul 9th - Nintendo fights back in regards to Microsoft comparing the Wii U to the Xbox 360.

Tekken developer: Wii U GamePad is “distracting”

Jul 9th - Tekken creator says that the Wii U GamePad screen could be distracting when it comes to fast paced fighting games.

More New Super Mario Bros U footage

Jul 9th - Another round of New Super Mario Bros U gameplay footage shows the multiplayer co-op in action.

Wii U dev kit spotted in another photo

Jul 8th - Newest photo of the Wii U dev kit show the hardware using the Wii classic controller via an adapter.

Nintendo: some are still unclear about the Wii U

Jul 7th - The Wii U is still a bit confusing to some, admits Nintendo. But the majority are well aware of what the console is and does.

Miyamoto: Metroid Wii U game could be fantastic

Jul 7th - Miyamoto believes that a Metroid Wii U game could be "fantastic", with lots of possibilities and features brought with the new GamePad controller.

Wii U specs rumors resurface

Jul 6th - A new set of Wii U specs rumors suggest a tri-core CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, and a powerful GPU with modern features.

Wii U getting unified account system with 3DS

Jul 6th - Wii U and the 3DS are going hand in hand: Nintendo announces unified account system that covers both consoles.

Microsoft: Wii U is effectively an Xbox 360

Jul 5th - The geniuses at Microsoft believe their Wii U is on par with the Xbox 360 console, offering the same performance and gameplay...