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New Super Mario Bros U World Map leaked

Nov 7th - With 10 days to launch, the much talked about New Super Mario Bros U world map has leaked.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Wii U launch trailer

Nov 7th - Final trailer shows off the new and improved Ninja Gaiden 3 for the Wii U.

Confirmed: Wii U won’t use friend codes

Nov 7th - Nintendo fans rejoice! Friend Codes are gone! The Wii U will adopt a much simpler Account ID system.

Wii U unboxing video. By Satoru Iwata

Nov 7th - Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unboxes a Wii U Deluxe kit himself.

Wii U needs day-one software update for Miiverse etc.

Nov 6th - The Wii U will require a day-one software update from Nintendo in order to get its many online features.

ZombiU TV commercial

Nov 6th - Nintendo and Ubisoft release the first ZombiU TV commercial in Europe.

Wii U game unboxing

Nov 6th - Wii U retail games get the unboxing video treatment.

Nintendo Land Wii U TV commercial

Nov 5th - Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Land TV ad set to hit the airwaves very soon.

Nintendo setting up thousands of Wii U kiosks in North America

Nov 5th - Nintendo will roll out 5,000 Wii U demo kiosks across North America in time for the launch on November 18.

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed screenshots

Nov 4th - SEGA has released some brand new Sonic & All-Stars screenshots.

Wii U print ads

Nov 3rd - Nintendo reveals the first Wii U print ads and posters set for the United Kingdom.

New Super Mario Bros U TV commercial

Nov 3rd - Nintendo releases the first New Super Mario Bros U TV commercial for North America.

Back of Wii U box art revealed

Nov 2nd - We get a glimpse of the back side of the Wii U box art design on some Ubisoft titles.

Wii U’s web browser tops HTML 5 scores among consoles

Nov 2nd - The Wii U web browser receives the highest HTML 5 test scores of any browser on a game console today.

Tons of new Wii U commercials

Nov 2nd - The Wii U marketing campaign has officially kicked off with several 30-second TV spots for both the UK and North America.

New Super Mario Bros U Nabbit gameplay video

Nov 1st - Latest New Super Mario Bros U gameplay video features the newest character: Nabbit.

Activision and Nintendo working to bring DLC to Wii U

Nov 1st - Activision is working with Nintendo to bring Black Ops 2 DLC and Call of Duty Season Pass to the Wii U.