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First person is now waiting in line for a Wii U

Oct 23rd - Nintendo fan lines up for a Wii U weeks before launch in order to be first ever to get the new console.

Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13 Wii U footage

Oct 22nd - A recent EA event in Europe gave gamers a chance to play upcoming Wii U games such as Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13.

Rayman developer: Wii U is surprisingly powerful

Oct 22nd - Ubisoft developers continue to praise the new Wii U console from Nintendo.

Burger King Wii U toys spotted

Oct 22nd - Burger King's first Wii U toys have been spotted in the wild.

First Wii U TV ad airs in the UK

Oct 21st - The very first Wii U television ad has aired in the United Kingdom.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U developer: Wii U is a powerful, versatile machine

Oct 21st - Developer behind the Mass Effect 3 Wii U port says the console is powerful and versatile.

Hori reveals new Wii U accessories for the Japanese market

Oct 20th - Accessory maker Hori reveals a lineup of Wii U accessories for the Japanese market.

Wii U demo units arrive at Best Buy

Oct 20th - You can now try out the Wii U at your local Best Buy store.

Darksiders 2 dev: Wii U is easy to develop for

Oct 19th - Vigil Games, developers of Darksiders 2, say the Wii U is "surprisingly easy" to develop for.

FIFA 13 Wii U screenshots

Oct 19th - New screenshots confirm that the Wii U version is the best looking one.

Funky Barn Wii U screenshots

Oct 18th - New screenshots of the Wii U arcade farming simulator Funky Barn.

Wii U doesn’t have a universal voice chat feature

Oct 18th - Despite the GamePad having on-board microphone, it won't be used for voice chat.

More third party Wii U Pro controllers revealed

Oct 18th - New third party Wii U Pro controller comes in 5 flavors and will retail at $35, according to rumors.

Wii U Games Launching November 13th, 5 Days Before Console?

Oct 17th - GameStop lists several games as available before console's release.

Business Insider praises the Wii U

Oct 17th - Business publication says the Wii U is "most fun I've ever had with console gaming".

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U gameplay footage

Oct 17th - The new Wii U RPG is playable at the New York Comic Con 2013.

Wii U midnight launch at Walmart

Oct 16th - Get your Wii U at Walmart as soon as the clock hits midnight, November 18.