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Yooka-Laylee looks gorgeous in new gameplay video

Sep 25th - And Shovel Knight will be in the game.

Report: European retailers can’t order Wii U consoles after Oct. 1

Sep 24th - Last change for retailers to order some Wii U stock.

Report: Nintendo NX production to be at 9-10 million units per year

Sep 23rd - Trial production run is already underway.

Free games bundle released on Wii U

Sep 22nd - The "First Skunk Bundle" includes 5 free Wii U indie games.

Ubisoft: NX is a “fantastic machine”, “a new approach” and “we love it”

Sep 22nd - Ubisoft continues its praise of the upcoming console.

New Zelda Breath of the Wild video shows Link cooking

Sep 21st - Is there anything you can't do in this game?

Watch the first 13 minutes of Quest of Dungeons on the Wii U

Sep 19th - Check out the indie RPG in action.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is 20% off on Amazon

Sep 18th - Get it for $48 right now.

Analyst: Nintendo NX is “dead in the water” if priced at $399

Sep 16th - But if it costs $199, it will sell "extremely well".

Splatoon wins Game of the Year award at Tokyo Game Show

Sep 16th - It beat out heavy hitters like Metal Gear Solid 5.

WarioWare Smooth Moves arrives on Wii U eShop

Sep 15th - The Wario puzzle game is now on the Wii U via Virtual Console.

New Splatoon update is out

Sep 14th - Features a couple of minor changes.

The GameCube turns 15 years old today

Sep 13th - The 'Cube is 15.

Cartridges once again mentioned for the NX, this time in Zelda trademark filing

Sep 13th - Another hint that the NX will use a cartridge system.