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Complete list of Wii U launch games for North America

Sep 26th - Official list of Wii U launch day games has been released by Nintendo.

Trine 2 developer: Nintendo taking online seriously with Wii U

Sep 26th - Indie developer says the Wii U eShop is looking very promising.

Toys R Us selling $420 Wii U bundle

Sep 25th - Toys R Us selling custom Wii U bundle with Basic console and two games.

Nintendo: Wii U supply chain is solid

Sep 25th - Looks like there will be no shortages of Wii U consoles when it launches.

Cinematic Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots

Sep 25th - Wii U launch title gets a new set of cinematic screenshots.

More unannounced Wii U launch games are in development

Sep 25th - Nintendo has revealed that there are more unannounced Wii U games in development, some will be released during the launch window.

Game & Wario Wii U screenshots

Sep 24th - The latest Wii U party game, Game & Wario, gets some new screenshots.

No Wii U price cut for years

Sep 24th - Nintendo learned the lessons from the 3DS pricing disaster, and believes that they have the right price for the Wii U.

Wii U to feature region locking

Sep 24th - Just like the original Wii and the 3DS, the Wii U console will be region locked, Nintendo has confirmed.

Nintendo: Wii U GamePad isn’t a tablet, it’s its own unique thing

Sep 23rd - Nintendo isn't calling the Wii U a tablet any longer - it's a unique controller with a touchscreen and many other features.

More details on Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U

Sep 23rd - The Wii U exclusive title "wouldn't be possible without Nintendo", who are also lending a hand on the development side.

Lego City Undercover screenshots

Sep 23rd - Newest screenshots show off the newest and Wii U exclusive LEGO adventure game.

Wii U supports up to 3 TB storage on external hard drives

Sep 22nd - Enough storage for everything that's on the eShop. And more.

Analysts are unimpressed by Wii U’s pre-order sell outs

Sep 22nd - Despite selling out all over, business analysts are still not impressed with the Wii U.

Photos of the final Wii U hardware

Sep 22nd - Up close and personal with the Wii U and its GamePad controller.

Pachter: Nintendo has priced the Wii U too high for mass market

Sep 22nd - He believes Nintendo will limit Wii U manufacturing to 12 to 15 million units in the first year.

Wii U sells out at GameStop, demand is “off the charts”

Sep 21st - GameStop has finally run out of Wii U consoles. The retailer says demand has been "off the charts" for Nintendo's latest system.