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Nintendo hasn’t created enough anticipation for the Wii U: PR reps

Sep 10th - The Wii U has a lack of "anticipation and confidence" among consumers, say video game public relations reps.

Wii U game developers not required to use MotionPlus

Sep 9th - While the Wii U supports the Wiimote with Motion Plus, Nintendo isn't forcing developers to use the new technology.

More New Super Mario Bros U screenshots

Sep 9th - New screenshots show new levels and gameplay possibilities.

John Carmack would love to see Doom 3 BFG on the Wii U

Sep 9th - First person shooter legend would love to get Doom 3 BFG on the Wii U in the future.

New Super Mario Bros U details and screenshots

Sep 8th - Game will feature 7 game worlds, Super Mario World-styled world map, and dozens of levels.

Mass Effect 3 developer working on two more Wii U games

Sep 8th - Developer is working on two more games, including a "big franchise that will come out in 2013".

New Nintendo Land details and mini games revealed

Sep 8th - New mini games include Metroid, "Baloon Fight", plus tons of more information from the latest issue of Game Informer.

New Super Mario Bros U gets on the cover of Game Informer

Sep 7th - Latest issue has a 10 page feature on New Super Mario Bros U, including interview with Shigeru Miyamoto.

Wii U to launch on December 7 in Europe?

Sep 7th - New rumor suggest a December 7 Wii U launch in Europe, at a steep price of €350.

Rayman Legends creator praises Wii U, says it’s perfect for 2D games

Sep 7th - Wii U has "enormous amounts of memory", is perfect 2D games like Rayman Legends.

Skyrim developer still unsure about the Wii U

Sep 7th - Bethesda wants to release their games on all platforms that support them. Which still doesn't include the Wii U...

Tank Tank Tank Wii U box art

Sep 6th - Namco Bandai's arcade shooter for the Wii U gets some box art love.

Wii U to have 3 SKUs, launching on Nov. 11: Rumor

Sep 6th - Nintendo will price the Wii U from $249 to $349, and launch on November 11, according to game distributor.

Ghost Recon Online is “on hold” for the Wii U

Sep 6th - Dev team focusing only on the PC version of the online multiplayer shooter at this point.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U box art

Sep 5th - Namco Bandai shows off the official box art for the upcoming Wii U fighting game.

Capcom doesn’t believe the Wii U is a next gen console [UPDATED]

Sep 5th - Japanese publisher believes next gen will start with the other consoles, not the Wii U.

Namco Bandai to announce Wii U games at TGS?

Sep 5th - Strong hints suggest new Wii U titles to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2012.