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Wii U game discs have rounded edges

Nov 13th - For the first time, a commercial disc format ships with rounded edges, as is the case with the Wii U game discs.

Analyst: Wii U will sell 50 million units in 4 years

Nov 13th - Analysts from IHS predict that the Wii U will be a popular console, selling 50 million units in just 4 years.

Wii U pre-ordered more than original Wii

Nov 12th - We spoke to half a dozen video game retailers, and all report that Wii U pre-orders are exceeding those of the original Wii

Sensor bar not required to play Wii U games

Nov 12th - Leave the sensor bar in the box if you're only playing singleplayer games on your Wii U.

Wii U menu music

Nov 11th - Full Wii U soundtrack of the menu music has leaked.

Wii U achievements are not system-wide?

Nov 11th - According to reports, Wii U achievements/accomplishments are up to developers to include in their games.

Wii U GamePad has special port for controller accessories

Nov 10th - Nintendo has equipped the GamePad with a special port for future Wii U controller accessories.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U trailer

Nov 10th - SEGA shows off Wii U specific features of the arcade racing game in a new trailer.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U launch trailer

Nov 9th - Mass Effect 3 gets a special Wii U launch trailer.

Wii U instruction manual photos

Nov 9th - Scanned images of the Wii U instruction manual have leaked on the web.

First Wii U eShop details emerge

Nov 9th - The eShop will offer free game demos, downloadable content, full game downloads, users reviews of games, and more.

Nintendo Land: 7 minutes of gameplay

Nov 8th - New video goes into detail about Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, and other Nintendo Land mini games.

More Nintendo Land screenshots

Nov 8th - The newest stack of Nintendo Land screenshots show how the mini games are played with the GamePad.

Wii U Browser and Miiverse trailers

Nov 8th - New Japanese trailers explain the details behind Miiverse and the Wii U Internet browser.

Japanese Wii U commercial calls the console “Super Wii”

Nov 8th - A TV ad in Japan refers to the Wii U as the "Super Wii" console.

Wii U Mii plaza is called WaraWara Plaza

Nov 7th - New video showcases the WaraWara Plaza, formerly known as "Mii Plaza", and we get a glimpse of Wii U video chat.

New Super Mario Bros U World Map leaked

Nov 7th - With 10 days to launch, the much talked about New Super Mario Bros U world map has leaked.