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ZombiU developer walkthrough

Aug 24th - New video sheds light on the story and gameplay mechanics of Ubisoft's survival horror shooter.

Sonic Racing developer praises Wii U graphics and memory

Aug 24th - Wii U has "way more memory" than PS3/Xbox 360, Sonic Racing will look better on Wii U.

Iwata compares Wii U’s Miiverse with Facebook for gamers

Aug 24th - Miiverse social network could become the Facebook for video games, says Nintendo.

Ghost Recon Online screenshots

Aug 23rd - New screenshots shows off Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter for the PC and Wii U.

Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U is missing some graphical features

Aug 23rd - Some lighting and particle effects won't be present in the Wii U version.

Nintendo not holding European press event for Wii U

Aug 22nd - No European version of the September 13 Wii U event in New York City.

Rabbids Land Wii U trailer

Aug 22nd - New trailer showcases new mini-games with a Hollywood/movie theme.

EA: we don’t make ports, Wii U games will be unique

Aug 21st - Wii U is a "unique platform" says EA, and they don't intend to simply make ports for the console.

Wii U price and release date coming September 13th?

Aug 21st - Nintendo is hosting a special event in New York for the Wii U, price and launch date likely to be the focus.

Rabbids Land Wii U gameplay walkthrough

Aug 20th - Plenty of gameplay and details revealed for Ubisoft's party game for the Wii U.

Wii U pre-orders to begin in September?

Aug 20th - Industry-wide pre-orders to begin in September when Nintendo reveals Wii U price and launch date.

SEGA rumored to bring digital games to Wii U eShop

Aug 20th - Sonic, Jet Set Radio HD, Nights Into Dreams, could all be coming to the Wii U.

ZombiU reveals Wii U and Miiverse notification system

Aug 19th - Notifications from other players will appear in upper right corner, it seems.

Star Beast coming to Wii U

Aug 19th - New indie space shooter is coming to the Wii U in 2013.

Another hint of Black Ops 2 for the Wii U

Aug 18th - Wii U version of the next Call of Duty game shows up on developers's CV

New Rayman Legends screenshots hint at 1080p game resolution

Aug 18th - Stunning screenshots are in 1080p resolution, perhaps an indication that the game will support full HD?

Eurogamer lied about SEGA’s Wii U graphics quote

Aug 17th - Site deliberately misquoted developer and spun the headline in order to get attention.