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Killer Freaks From Outer Space artwork

May 9th - The Wii U will be getting at least one exclusive third party game: Killer Freaks From Outer Space.[.....]

New Wii U Zapper revealed in patent application

May 9th - Nintendo is filing a bunch of patents for Wii U accessories these days. Last week, it was revealed[.....]

Unreal Engine 4 might not come to the Wii U

May 8th - Game developer and engine maker Epic Games has revealed that they have showcased the Unreal Engine 4 behind[.....]

Final version of Wii U dev kit has shipped to developers?

May 8th - According to a posting on forum NeoGAF — which tends to post lots and lots of rumors, some[.....]

Blockbuster lists 25 Wii U games in its database

May 7th - The list of Wii U games just got a lot more interesting, at least according to a report[.....]

Analyst Michael Pachter on the Wii U

May 6th - Michael Pachter, the widely known video game analyst from Wedbush Securities, post a weekly videoblog called Pach-Attack, where[.....]

Nintendo E3 press conference date revealed

May 5th - E3 2012 is just weeks away, and Nintendo has announced the time and place for its annual E3[.....]

Nintendo patents Wii U controller dock

May 4th - Nintendo has filed for a patent covering a possible Wii U controller dock, or docking station, as the[.....]

Why Wii U games will cost $60

May 3rd - One way the Wii set itself apart from other current-generation consoles is price of games: Wii games retail[.....]

Wii U will “cater to core gamers first”, says Nintendo

May 2nd - The upcoming Nintendo Wii U will cater to core gamers first, and mass market second. That’s according to[.....]

Wii U vs Wii: size comparison

May 1st - The Wii is Nintendo’s smallest home console, and contrary to popular belief, the Wii U isn’t much bigger[.....]

Walmart sets Wii U price at $350

Apr 30th - Walmart has begun running Google ads pegging Wii U price to $349. While the Wii U doesn’t have[.....]

Wii U sales will only reach a third of Wii sales: analyst

Apr 29th - Wii U sales will only reach about a third of the Wii sales, according to game industry analysts.[.....]

Wii U games to be available as digital downloads at launch

Apr 28th - Nintendo will offer Wii U games as digital downloads at launch, the company has revealed. And it won’t[.....]

Rayman Legends trailer shows Wii U’s NFC chip in action

Apr 27th - A new trailer for Rayman Legends has been leaked and it shows off some of the Wii U[.....]

Nintendo expects Wii U sales to hit 5 million by March 2013

Apr 26th - Nintendo expects Wii U sales to reach 5 million by March 2013, Wii U Daily can confirm. Nintendo[.....]

No Crysis 3 on Wii U

Apr 25th - Developer Crytek recently announced Crysis 3, the third installment in the Crysis series. However, despite supporting the Wii[.....]