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Wii U launching with 2 SKUs on Dec 8 in Japan

Sep 13th - Wii U getting 2 models: 8 GB and 32 GB flash storage. Nintendo Network Premium online service revealed as well.

Confirmed: you can transfer old Virtual Console games to Wii U

Sep 12th - Players will be able to transfer old WiiWare and Virtual Console games from the Wii to the new Wii U.

Wii U preview and first impressions

Sep 12th - Wii U Daily went hands-on with the new console at the Wii U Experience event in Seattle recently.

Nintendo to stream Wii U preview event live

Sep 12th - You'll be able to watch tomorrow's Wii U event live via several sources.

Analyst: Wii U needs to be $300 to make a profit

Sep 11th - Wii U needs to be $300 to be profitable, and $200 in order to sell well to the mainstream crowd, says analyst.

Wii U box art collection

Sep 11th - All the Wii U box art released so far, all in one place.

Wii U Nintendo Direct for Europe and Australia announced

Sep 11th - New Nintendo Direct events to coincide with the Wii U show in New York on September 13, lots of news expected.

New, stunning Trine 2 Wii U screenshots

Sep 10th - Trine 2 is quite possibly the best looking Wii U game we've seen to date.

Nintendo Land Balloon Trip Breeze gameplay trailer

Sep 10th - Brand new Nintendo Land trailer showcases the new mini game Balloon Trip Breeze.

Seattle Wii U experience event photos

Sep 10th - Gamers and Nintendo fans in Seattle get to play the new Wii U console.

Nintendo hasn’t created enough anticipation for the Wii U: PR reps

Sep 10th - The Wii U has a lack of "anticipation and confidence" among consumers, say video game public relations reps.

Wii U game developers not required to use MotionPlus

Sep 9th - While the Wii U supports the Wiimote with Motion Plus, Nintendo isn't forcing developers to use the new technology.

More New Super Mario Bros U screenshots

Sep 9th - New screenshots show new levels and gameplay possibilities.

John Carmack would love to see Doom 3 BFG on the Wii U

Sep 9th - First person shooter legend would love to get Doom 3 BFG on the Wii U in the future.

New Super Mario Bros U details and screenshots

Sep 8th - Game will feature 7 game worlds, Super Mario World-styled world map, and dozens of levels.

Mass Effect 3 developer working on two more Wii U games

Sep 8th - Developer is working on two more games, including a "big franchise that will come out in 2013".

New Nintendo Land details and mini games revealed

Sep 8th - New mini games include Metroid, "Baloon Fight", plus tons of more information from the latest issue of Game Informer.