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Lego City Undercover screenshots

Sep 23rd - Newest screenshots show off the newest and Wii U exclusive LEGO adventure game.

Wii U supports up to 3 TB storage on external hard drives

Sep 22nd - Enough storage for everything that's on the eShop. And more.

Analysts are unimpressed by Wii U’s pre-order sell outs

Sep 22nd - Despite selling out all over, business analysts are still not impressed with the Wii U.

Photos of the final Wii U hardware

Sep 22nd - Up close and personal with the Wii U and its GamePad controller.

Pachter: Nintendo has priced the Wii U too high for mass market

Sep 22nd - He believes Nintendo will limit Wii U manufacturing to 12 to 15 million units in the first year.

Wii U sells out at GameStop, demand is “off the charts”

Sep 21st - GameStop has finally run out of Wii U consoles. The retailer says demand has been "off the charts" for Nintendo's latest system.

Sony: PlayStation 3 and Vita can do what the Wii U does

Sep 21st - Sony claims that its aging PS3 and its expensive Vita handheld console can do what the Wii U does.

New Tank Tank Tank screenshots

Sep 21st - Namco Bandai's arcade shooter gets a new set of screenshots.

Is the Wii U struggling to build buzz?

Sep 21st - The Wii U was overshadowed by the iPhone 5 reveal last week, and didn't receive much mainstream coverage, article claims.

Reggie would love to see GameCube titles on the Wii U

Sep 21st - Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says he'd love to see GameCube games released on the Wii U eShop. Who wouldn't?

Amazon is still not selling the Wii U, but there’s hope

Sep 20th - The feud between Nintendo and Amazon continues, but there's hope on the horizon.

Turtle Beach reveals new Wii U headphones

Sep 20th - New headphones tailored for the Wii U, made in collaboration with Nintendo.

New high-res Pikmin 3 screenshots

Sep 20th - High-res Pikmin 3 screenshots showcase the colorful Wii U strategy game.

Nintendo: Wii U tech specs will hold up for a long time

Sep 20th - The specs are good enough to last many years into the future and secure the best third party games, says Nintendo.

SEGA’s Demon Tribe coming to Wii U?

Sep 20th - SEGA's newest title could be coming to the Wii U. We're still not sure what it is, though.

Tons of new Nintendo Land screenshots

Sep 19th - New screenshots for the Wii U party game + full list of all 12 mini-games.

ZombiU developer: Wii U is the most innovative console today

Sep 19th - ZombiU creative director has some big praise for Nintendo's new gaming console.