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New rumor suggests NX reveal in March, launch in November

Jan 6th - A new rumor from a Japanese company suggests that Nintendo could reveal the NX as early as March and launch it for holiday 2016.

Zen Studios not bringing The Force Awakens table to Wii U just yet

Jan 5th - Zen Studios has stated they currently have no plans to bring the Star Wars: The Force Awakens table to Wii U.

Estimated Shovel Knight amiibo store stock revealed for some retailers

Jan 5th - Shovel Knight amiibo stock could be pretty low in low volume stores, according to new information.

Shovel Knight is getting a new 2.2 update soon

Jan 5th - Yacht Club Games have announced a new update for Shovel Knight, which includes several fixes and balancing changes.

Wii U and 3DS will have extended maintenance next week

Jan 5th - Nintendo has announced a period of extended maintenance next week, where Wii U and 3DS will be offline for several hours.

Check out these Splatoon watches now available in Japan

Jan 5th - Japan's getting fresh with seven different Splatoon watches featuring designs from the game.

Blind gamer finishes Zelda Ocarina of Time after almost 5 years of trying

Jan 4th - Blind gamer's quest is finally complete.

Nintendo president: NX will be “a new experience” and “different from Wii U and 3DS”

Jan 4th - Nintendo's Tatsumi Kimishima (briefly) talks about the upcoming NX console.

GameStop thinks you’ll pay $80 for this Star Fox figure

Jan 3rd - THe hand-painted 8-inch figure will set you back quite a few bucks.

Check out some 1080 Snowboarding Wii U footage

Jan 2nd - Check out the first 10 minutes of the N64 classic running on the Wii U.

Happy New Year from Wii U Daily!

Dec 31st - Welcome, 2016!

Shovel Knight Amiibo goes up for pre-order on Amazon. And sells out in hours.

Dec 31st - The upcoming Amiibo quickly sold out on Amazon.

Wii U sells 101k in Japan during Christmas week

Dec 30th - The Wii U managed to sell 101k units during Christmas week, thanks to a strong software catalogue this year.

New Smash glitch lets you control 8 players at once [VIDEO]

Dec 30th - Members of the amiibo community on reddit have discovered a new glitch that lets you control all 8 players in Smash at once.

Koei Tecmo’s president briefly discusses the Nintendo NX

Dec 30th - Koei Tecmo's president discussed the Nintendo NX recently in the context of a home console.

Xenoblade Chronicles X belongs in game of the year discussions [VIDEO]

Dec 29th - As we discuss the games that stood out in 2015, we shouldn't forget this amazing JRPG.

Zelda Wii U slipping down Famitsu’s Most Wanted list

Dec 29th - Zelda Wii U is slowly slipping down the most wanted charts of Japanese gamers.