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Check out this tour of Splatoon’s Piranha Pit map [VIDEO]

Dec 28th - Splatoon is getting a new map later today. Check out this detailed tour of Piranha Pit!

New update for Guitar Hero Live adds new tracks, removes rival mode

Dec 28th - Guitar Hero Live update brings new songs, but rivals mode is being taken offline until next year.

Bayonetta 2 director tells fans to look forward to what’s coming

Dec 28th - Bayonetta's director thanks fans for their support of the series and tells them to look forward to what's coming.

Minecraft rockets to 9th best-selling eShop game on Wii U in Japan

Dec 28th - Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been out for a little over a week and yet it's already in the top 10 list in Japan.

Piranha Pit map in Splatoon will be available tomorrow

Dec 28th - Splatoon is getting one of the new maps featured in that recently released music video tonight in Europe.

Nintendo sells out of its Splatoon Wii U bundles in Japan

Dec 27th - Splatoon bundles have sold out in Japan.

Pokken Tournament controller coming to the West, box art revealed

Dec 27th - The Pokken Tournament controller is coming to the US and Europe as well.

Merry Christmas from Wii U Daily!

Dec 25th - It's that day of the year again.

Go behind the scenes in the making of Perfect Dark for the N64

Dec 24th - The awesome story behind one of the best N64 games.

Super Mario Galaxy is now available on Wii U

Dec 24th - One of the best Mario games ever is now on the Wii U.

Shin’en very pleased with sales of Fast Racing Neo on Wii U

Dec 24th - Shin'en Multimedia has confirmed that sales of Fast Racing Neo have been good since launch.

You can now pre-order that weird Pokken Tournament controller

Dec 23rd - You can now pre-order the Pokken Tournament controller, if you need a new controller for your Wii U for some reason.

Nintendo on the rebound in Japan before Christmas with 80k Wii U sales

Dec 23rd - In the final week before Christmas, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are dominating sales charts in Japan.

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka show off Super Mario Maker [VIDEO]

Dec 23rd - Watch Takashi Tezuka build a Super Mario Maker level for Miyamoto-san to conquer.

Nintendo NX as powerful as Xbox One, to be showcased privately at CES 2016 [RUMOR]

Dec 23rd - A new rumor says the Nintendo NX will be about as powerful as the Xbox One and will have a private showing at CES 2016 this year.

Super Mario Maker wins Amazon’s Game of the Year award

Dec 22nd - Amazon picked their top games for 2015 and Super Mario Maker took the top spot, knocking Fallout 4 to second place.