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The Pokken Tournament arcade controller is heading to Wii U in Japan

Dec 15th - HORI is producing a Wii U controller modeled after the Japanese arcade controller for Pokken Tournament.

id Software’s long-lost Super Mario Bros. 3 prototype on PC [VIDEO]

Dec 14th - In 1990, id Software re-created Super Mario Bros. 3 on a PC to show Nintendo what home PCs could do back then.

The Smash community is trolling in preparation for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

Dec 14th - The Smash community is trying its best to out-troll one another before tomorrow's Smash Direct.

Here’s the opening cinematic that introduces Linkle in Hyrule Warriors Legends [VIDEO]

Dec 14th - Check out the cinematic that introduces Linkle, the newest character joining the roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

ESRB rating spotted for Super Mario Galaxy on Wii U

Dec 14th - A new listing on the ESRB website seems to confirm that Super Mario Galaxy is coming to Wii U.

Nintendo is working on a free-to-play amiibo game [RUMOR]

Dec 14th - A free-to-play game for owners of a lot of amiibo is currently under development, according to rumors.

Microsoft says there’s a “lot of demand for a Minecraft Amiibo”

Dec 13th - People want their Minecraft Amiibos...

Fast Racing Neo performance analysis shows steady 60fps at the cost of lower resolution

Dec 13th - Despite lower resolution, the game's visuals manage to impress.

Want Rare Replay games on Wii U? Just ask Rare, says Microsoft

Dec 12th - Microsoft is open to bringing Rare Replay and its 30 games to the Wii U.

Shovel Knight Amiibo Wii U footage

Dec 12th - Check out the new Shovel Knight Amiibo update in action.

New weapon headed to Splatoon tonight, plus new Splatfest

Dec 11th - Get a new weapon tonight in Splatoon and get ready for the next Splatfest, because you're choosing Naughty or Nice!

Nintendo planning Wii U network maintenance on Monday & Tuesday

Dec 11th - Nintendo is having extended maintenance on Monday and Tuesday, likely in preparation for the Smash Direct.

The Nintendo Minute picks their Best of the 2015 [VIDEO]

Dec 11th - The Nintendo Minute team has concluded their Best of Picks for 2015, so check out what was chosen!

New Miiverse update allows you to set a title for discussion posts

Dec 10th - Miiverse got a tiny update today that allows you to title your discussions for easy searching.

New Nintendo patent surfaces with freeform display

Dec 10th - A new patent from Nintendo showcases what looks like a controller with a freeform screen.

eShop Downloads: Fast Racing NEO, Steamworld Heist & more

Dec 10th - New releases this week include Fast Racing NEO and Steamworld Heist, so be sure to check them out!