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Nintendo has unveiled a new teaser site for Star Fox Zero

Nov 3rd - Star Fox Zero has been delayed until next year, but Nintendo is releasing a teaser site to get you pumped for the upcoming game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was chosen as the best RPG at Paris Games Week 2015

Nov 3rd - Xenoblade Chronicles X snagged the best RPG award from Paris Games Week 2015.

New Pokken Tournament trailer reveals Shadow Mewtwo [VIDEO]

Nov 3rd - A new Pokken Tournament trailer has been released, revealing a new character at the end to be a new form of Mewtwo.

ZombiU’s servers have resurrected after months of being offline

Nov 3rd - ZombiU's servers have been offline for months now, but thanks to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release, they've been resurrected.

Best Buy offering $10 ePizza Cash with Xenoblade Chronicles X pre-orders

Nov 2nd - Best Buy is offering $10 toward pizza if you pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles X with them.

Nintendo releases several new screenshots of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash [GALLERY]

Nov 2nd - Check out these new screenshots of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, featuring Toadette!

Target buy 2 get 1 free sale on games starts next Sunday

Nov 2nd - Target is having a huge buy 2 get 1 free sale on games, starting next Sunday and lasting the entire week.

Watch Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran in this fan-made Metroid short [VIDEO]

Nov 2nd - Watch this amazing fan-made short of Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran.

Nintendo eShop 24 hour maintenance due to server replacement

Nov 2nd - Nintendo's 24 hour eShop maintenance period is under way today and according to a tweet, is due to server replacement.

Microsoft on the NX: “Nintendo’s always been innovative”

Nov 1st - "How they’ll compete with us remains to be seen." says Xbox head of marketing.

Nintendo: we can reach and exceed Wii-level profitability in 3 years

Oct 31st - Nintendo believes that there is a bright future ahead.

EA to “evaluate” opportunities supporting future Nintendo platforms

Oct 31st - EA could support the Nintendo NX. But they said that same thing about the Wii U.

Splatoon won two Golden Joystick Awards with Iwata given the Lifetime Achievement Award

Oct 30th - Nintendo won two awards last night at the Golden Joystick Awards thanks to Splatoon, while Satoru Iwata was given a special honor.

Super Mario Maker Nindies #5 – Shin’en Multimedia

Oct 30th - Check out the level Shin'en Multimedia made in Super Mario Maker!

Check out gameplay from the Wii U version of Guitar Hero Live [VIDEO]

Oct 30th - Check out this short look at gameplay of Guitar Hero Live on the Wii U.

Two new secret characters unveiled in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Oct 30th - Here's a look at two new characters joining the Mario Tennis Ultra Smash roster. Don't click unless you want to see spoilers!

Kimishima wants 100 to 200 million My Nintendo members

Oct 30th - Nintendo's new president sat down with Nikkei to discuss his business strategy with Nintendo's new mobile efforts.