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Indie exploration game “Koi” coming to Wii U

Aug 30th - Was released earlier this year on PS4, now gets a port to the Wii U.

New Nintendo Selects Wii U games get a trailer

Aug 30th - The latest lineup of cheap Wii U games are shown off in new trailer.

Twilight Princess HD developer is “very excited” about the NX

Aug 29th - Australian developer Tantalus talks about their work on Twilight Princess HD and the upcoming NX.

The upcoming NES Mini console has a brand new emulator for its NES games

Aug 28th - Made from ground up for the new console.

Mario games dominate the Wii U eShop sales chart

Aug 27th - 7 out of the top 10 best selling titles on the eShop are Mario games.

The very first Wii U game, Nintendo Land, is now on the eShop

Aug 27th - You can buy it digitally for $20.

Nintendo: we have to do better with the launch of the NX than with the Wii U

Aug 26th - Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says the company has learned from its mistakes with the Wii U launch.

Super Mario 64 DS coming to Wii U eShop tomorrow

Aug 25th - A remake of a remake lands on the Wii U.

Super Nintendo turns 25 years old today

Aug 24th - Happy Birthday!

Check out 30 minutes of footage from the cancelled GoldenEye 007 Xbox 360 port

Aug 23rd - Iwata saw it and said that under "absolutely no circumstances would Nintendo allow the game to see release on another platform".

FAST Racing Neo gets new DLC trailer

Aug 23rd - Will be included for free in the upcoming retail version of the game.

Nintendo releases new Zelda Breath of the Wild clip

Aug 22nd - Shows us the power of runes.

Nintendo wants the NX to appeal both to gamers and their moms

Aug 21st - They want both the hardcore and casual crowd.

First 11 minutes of Axiom Verge on Wii U (video)

Aug 20th - 11 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Wii U platformer.

A guy named Bowser is now Nintendo of America’s VP of sales and marketing

Aug 19th - He's now in charge of selling the Wii U and NX to the masses.