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Short demonstration of Splatoon’s Tower Control mode

Jun 30th - Curious about Splatoon's upcoming Tower Control mode? It's releasing tomorrow, but here's a teaser from Nintendo of Japan.

Platform selection surveys going out to Might No. 9 backers

Jun 30th - Mighty No. 9 is releasing soon and Comcept have emailed all backers their platform surveys. Check your email!

Nintendo is going to livestream Splatoon’s Tower Control mode today

Jun 30th - The Nintendo Treehouse will be streaming Splatoon's Tower Control mode this afternoon.

Splatoon developer discusses map rotation and content updates

Jun 29th - Splatoon's director Yusuke Amano discusses why there's a two-map limit on the rotation and that the team is still working on content to be released.

Platinum says Star Fox Zero’s co-op mode was designed with parents & kids in mind

Jun 29th - Star Fox Zero's couch co-op mode is still under development, but Platinum games recently spoke in a interview and said it was designed primarily with children and their parents in mind.

Check out the new cinematic trailer for Red Goddess: Inner World

Jun 29th - Red Goddess: Inner World has a new cinematic trailer to get you excited for the game.

Miyamoto discusses the control scheme of Star Fox Zero

Jun 29th - Miyamoto discussed the controls of Star Fox Zero with a German publication, stating the controls take some getting used to but they're fun to figure out.

New rumor says Diddy Kong Racing 2 being developed for NX

Jun 29th - Remember the Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumor? It's back, this time being allegedly moved to Nintendo's upcoming NX console.

Tomorrow is your last day to use Club Nintendo

Jun 29th - Club Nintendo is closing tomorrow, so be sure to claim any rewards for coins you have left, because you won't be able to after tomorrow.

Miyamoto isn’t directly involved in Nintendo NX development any longer

Jun 28th - The legendary Nintendo designer is taking a hands-off approach when it comes to development of the new console.

Mario in Unreal Engine 4 looks stunning

Jun 28th - Take my money!

Nintendo started talking about NX to third parties at E3, reaction was positive

Jun 27th - Nintendo has just started talking to third parties about its upcoming home console.

Nintendo keeps the new NX console secret, fearing competitors might steal ideas

Jun 27th - Nintendo is keeping its upcoming console a top secret.

Miyamoto: virtual reality “doesn’t fit Nintendo’s current philosophy”

Jun 27th - Nintendo is not a fan on virtual reality.

Nintendo considering more early access demos for Wii U

Jun 26th - Damon Baker says early access is something Nintendo is considering for their consoles.

Nintendo working with retailers to limit amiibo scalping

Jun 26th - Scott Moffitt says Nintendo is taking steps with retailers to limit scalping and they're using every metric available to them to estimate the demand as each new figure is released.

NoA VP Scott Moffitt comments on the fan feedback to Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Jun 26th - Scott Moffitt discusses the fan feedback Nintendo has received on Metroid Prime: Federation Force.