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New Super Mario Maker commercial – The Shift [VIDEO]

Aug 31st - Nintendo's new commercial for Super Mario Maker focuses on shifting level palettes and why it'll bring gamers together.

Shovel Knight developer discusses Plague Knight’s moveset

Aug 31st - Plague of Shadows DLC for Shovel Knight is almost upon us, so the developers take us through their design philosphy for the new character.

Devil’s Third creator responds to negative criticism of game

Aug 31st - Devil's Third creator Tomonobu Itagaki responds to the numerous criticisms leveled at Devil's Third during European launch week.

Check out some direct footage of Fast Racing Neo from Shin’en [VIDEO]

Aug 31st - Fast Racing Neo has been teased for the Wii U since 2013, but now we finally have a first look at the blistering speed-demon racer.

Watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X PAX Prime panel online [VIDEO]

Aug 31st - One of the highlights of PAX Prime this year was Nintendo's Xenoblade Chronicles X panel, which showcased lots of art and early concepts from the game.

The Wii U release of Year Walk is the “best” version, says dev

Aug 31st - Year Walk is finally coming to Wii U, but the controls and how you interact with the game has completely changed for the Wii U version.

Splatoon getting 2.1.0 update with several map & weapon adjustments

Aug 31st - Splatoon is getting an update this week that fixes several issues with the game, including map and mode glitches, as well as connection issues.

Now we know why Nintendo didn’t want to publish Devil’s Third: because it sucks

Aug 30th - The Wii U exclusive action game is a complete disaster.

Nintendo reveals Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

Aug 30th - Nintendo has announced a new $90 Special Edition version of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Nintendo: Not a lot of exclusive indie games on Wii U because “we don’t throw around cash”

Aug 29th - Nintendo isn't approaching indie developers wit a bag of cash like other platform holders.

New Star Fox Zero footage revealed (PAX Prime video)

Aug 29th - Nintendo is showing off Star Fox Zero at PAX Prime, and so far it looks pretty good.

Mighty No. 9 getting trial version as apology for delay

Aug 28th - Comcept have announced an exclusive backer-only trial of Mighty No. 9 to apologize for the repeated delays.

Get $10 off Splatoon at Amazon or Best Buy today only

Aug 28th - Heads up, potential Inklings! Splatoon is $10 off at both Amazon and Best Buy for today only!

Q&A session with Steamworld Heist developers [VIDEO]

Aug 28th - Image & Form sit down to answer some of the burning questions fans have asked about Steamworld Heist on Twitter.

Shovel Knight amiibo is official, here’s the full details

Aug 28th - Shovel Knight amiibo is official, with several unique functions for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS players.

Someone created a Rickroll in Super Mario Maker [VIDEO]

Aug 27th - Mario's never gonna give you up or let you down in this new level from Super Mario Maker.

Splatoon is getting two more new weapons in tonight’s update

Aug 27th - Were you looking for something to do tonight? Splatoon is getting two new weapons!