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Did data miners just leak the next Mario Kart 8 DLC pack?

Apr 13th - According to data mined from the last Mario Kart 8 DLC pack, Baby Park and Neo Bowser City might be returning in Mario Kart 8!

Xenoblade X is more action-oriented than its predecessor, says director

Apr 13th - Xenoblade X's director says the game is more action-oriented than the original Xenoblade Chronicles, so players should expect a different feel from the first game.

Here’s last week’s Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation with English subs

Apr 13th - Japan's Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation has finally been subbed in English to give you a better idea of what was discussed last week.

Mario Kart 8 box art gets updated with Amiibo info

Apr 12th - Updated box art now promotes the new Amiibo compatibility.

Did Xenoblade Chronicles X graphics get downgraded? (video comparison)

Apr 12th - New evidence shows that Xenoblade Chronicles X might have been downgraded since the game was originally revealed.

New Splatoon trailer shows off Ranked Battle and Amiibo features

Apr 11th - New trailer gives us more info on Splatoon's game modes and Amiibo features.

For $10, you can get this cool Amiibo display case

Apr 11th - You'll soon be able to get a proper display case for your Amiibo figures.

Should Xenoblade Chronicles have been brought to the Wii U? [VIDEO]

Apr 11th - Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was just released for the New Nintendo 3DS, but is it better suited for Wii U?

Nintendo’s Spring Sale for the eShop highlights great games

Apr 10th - Nintendo is having a spring sale for retail & eShop titles on the Nintendo eShop, so check if there are any games you've been waiting to pick up!

Super Doomed n’ Damned is a throwback to 16-bit arcade games

Apr 10th - Arc-Gen Games have released a teaser trailer for Super Doomed n' Damned, a throwback to classic 16-bit arcade games.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has downloadable packs to ease load times in Japan

Apr 10th - Xenoblade Chronicles X has four supporting data packs on the Japanese eShop designed to help ease loading times for disc users.

Analyst says Nintendo is winding down Wii U development

Apr 10th - Analysts believe that Nintendo is beginning to wind down development of the Wii U platform in preparation for the NX platform.

Splatoon developers discuss Miyamoto’s early disinterest in the game

Apr 9th - Shigeru Miyamoto initially felt that Splatoon had no appeal before the development team created the game we see today.

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s fast-paced battles detailed in two new videos

Apr 9th - Two new battle videos showcase the timing aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles X combat systems.

Nintendo eShop Downloads: Affordable Space Adventures & more

Apr 9th - Here's a look at what's new on the Wii U and 3DS eShop this week, including several new releases for the 3DS!

Splatoon’s creator says it has no voice chat and never will

Apr 9th - In this month's Edge magazine, the development team for Splatoon discusses some of the challenges of developing the game.

Warner announces its toys-to-life game LEGO Dimensions

Apr 9th - Warner Bros. Interactive revealed LEGO Dimensions today, a toys-to-life game that will feature the LEGO universe.