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Nintendo fires employee who made localization comments last week

Aug 13th - Nintendo has fired the Treehouse employee who appeared on a podcast last week.

Woah Dave! finally coming to Wii U on August 20

Aug 13th - If you enjoyed Woah Dave on the Nintendo 3DS, good news! It's coming to Wii U!

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer gushes about Nintendo’s first party games

Aug 13th - Microsoft's Phil Spencer had some interesting things to say about Nintendo in a recent interview.

Splatoon getting new Rainmaker ranked battle mode

Aug 13th - Splatoon is finally getting the Rainmaker ranked battle mode first teased in May before the game's release.

Content unlocks in Super Mario Maker content the more you play

Aug 12th - You'll unlock content at a steady pace when Super Mario Maker launches in September, rather than having everything available at once.

You can create custom sound effects in Super Mario Maker

Aug 12th - Nintendo has revealed you'll be able to create custom sound effects in Super Mario Maker!

First look at Devil’s Third multiplayer matches [VIDEO]

Aug 12th - Devil's Third has been in out Japan for a week now. Check out some of the multiplayer videos Japanese players have uploaded.

Rodea and the Sky Soldier delayed until November

Aug 12th - NIS America has delayed Rodea and the Sky Soldier yet again, pushing the game into a November release.

Having connection issues after the Splatoon update? Nintendo’s working on it.

Aug 12th - Some players are reporting big connection issues in Splatoon after the most recent update. Nintendo is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

Freedom Planet’s Wii U release has been delayed

Aug 11th - If you were looking forward to the upcoming release of Freedom Planet, you'll have to wait a little bit longer.

Nintendo says the GamePad for Wii U was the only innovation this console cycle

Aug 11th - Scott Moffit says the Wii U GamePad is the only innovative thing in this console cycle. Ouch.

Check out this terrifying ghost mansion in Super Mario Maker [VIDEO]

Aug 11th - Check out this amazingly terrifying ghost mansion level created in Super Mario Maker!

Retro Studios posts new job listing for Graphics Engineer

Aug 11th - Retro Studios has new job listings for a Graphics Engineer, what could they be working on now?

Toys R Us is offering buy one, get 40% off on amiibo

Aug 11th - Toys R Us currently has an amiibo promotion going on, offering buy one, get 40% off on several amiibo.

DeNA earnings report reveals Nintendo announcement “soon”

Aug 10th - Mobile firm DeNA have just revealed their Q1 earnings, with a small byline regarding its partnership with Nintendo.

The Bridge is coming to Wii U on August 20th [VIDEO]

Aug 10th - Logic puzzler The Bridge is finally debuting on Wii U this month, check out the short trailer to see what it's about!

Splatoon’s producer discusses why 4v4 battles were chosen

Aug 10th - Splatoon's producer recently gave an interview with a Japanese publication discussing why the 4 vs. 4 battle size was decided on.