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Super Mario Maker finish so close you need to pause to see it [VIDEO]

Aug 4th - Super Mario Maker was on hand at Hyper Japan this weekend and some of the levels for attendees were very, very tricky. Check out this Rosalina cosplayer's skills!

Splatoon getting a Squid Girl costume in Japan

Aug 4th - Japan is getting a unique Squid Girl costume for Splatoon, but we're not sure whether or not the rest of the world will be getting it.

New details surface about Terraria on Wii U

Aug 3rd - Terraria is finally headed to Wii U and 3DS and the game's publisher has taken some time to clear up how the game will work on both systems.

Guitar Hero Live: Gamescom behind the scenes trailer [VIDEO]

Aug 3rd - Check out the latest trailer from Guitar Hero Live and get a behind the scenes look at how Freestyle Games worked to film the first person perspective of the game.

Typoman is coming to the Wii U on September 16

Aug 3rd - HeadUp Games have confirmed that Typoman will be hitting the Wii U eShop in all regions on September 16.

Here’s a look at the complete patch notes for Splatoon’s update

Aug 3rd - Splatoon's huge update with several new features lands this week, here's a comprehensive look at what's new and what's changing.

This is the original Wii dev kit that shipped to developers 10 years ago

Aug 2nd - This is the box that third part developers got 10 years ago from Nintendo.

Nintendo will manually check Super Mario Maker levels for difficulty

Aug 2nd - Nintendo will make sure that all levels get the proper difficulty rating.

Business Insider writer criticizes Mario Maker for “white female hand”

Aug 1st - Social justice warrior descends on Nintendo.

This is the winning level of the Super Mario Maker Facebook Hackathon (video)

Aug 1st - Check out the winning Super Mario Maker level from the Facebook Hackathon.

Mighty No. 9 could be quietly delayed until 2016

Jul 31st - Comcept may be quietly delaying Mighty No. 9 past its September 15 release date, as several retailers now list a 2016 date for the game.

Nintendo announces a new Splatfest for August 7

Jul 31st - Nintendo has announced the date for the next Splatfest event in Splatoon!

Super Smash Bros. update brings tons of balance changes

Jul 31st - Yesterday's Super Smash Bros. update brought several changes, including character buffs and nerfs.

Mario Kart 8 has highest software attach rate than any other game in the series

Jul 31st - Mario Kart 8 has sold one copy for every two Wii U consoles. That's the highest software attach rate of any game in the series!

New Splatoon Art Academy contest going on Miiverse

Jul 31st - Heads up, Inklings! There's a Splatoon Art Academy contest happening on Miiverse!

Nintendo’s Facebook Super Mario Maker Hackathon [GALLERY]

Jul 30th - Nintendo recently partnered with Facebook to for a Super Mario Maker hackathon. The winning level will be made available to everyone with the game for play!

Nintendo eShop: Xeodrifter, Badland, and more this week

Jul 30th - Here's a look at what's new on the Nintendo eShop this week, including three Kirby games on the virtual console!