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Mario 30th anniversary Hot Wheels on the way

Jul 28th - Mario turns 30 this year and he's getting a collection of Hot Wheels cars to commemorate the event!

Guy creates amazing Splatoon fan art using dominoes [VIDEO]

Jul 28th - Splatoon fan art has taken the internet by storm, but this is the first time we've seen domino Splatoon fan art!

Splatoon’s big update will also include new music [VIDEO]

Jul 28th - Splatoon's August 6 update contains tons of new content, but it will also have new music to boot!

Square Enix announces Dragon Quest X & XI for NX, no mention of Wii U

Jul 28th - Square Enix announces two Dragon Quest titles, name drops the NX and doesn't mention the Wii U at all.

Analyst speculates that the Nintendo NX could be a social VR platform

Jul 28th - Financial analyst Digi-Capital believes Nintendo may be developing their own VR platform in the form of the Nintendo NX.

Newest Super Mario Maker trailer shows the evolution of Mario [VIDEO]

Jul 27th - Nintendo takes us through the ages with an iconic look at some of the most memorable levels from Mario games in the past 30 years.

Epic Indie Sale was a success for several Wii U developers

Jul 27th - Nintendo's Epic Indie Sale on the Wii U eShop was a success for the devs who participated.

73% of players in Japan play the Inkling Girl in Splatoon

Jul 27th - A survey of Splatoon players in Japan show an overwhelming majority of them prefer to play as the Inkling Girl.

Splatoon update brings ranked friends and private battles on August 6

Jul 27th - Splatoon's first major content update is coming on August 6 and it's bringing an absolute ton of goodies.

New Splatoon map “Camp Triggerfish” out now

Jul 26th - The brand new Splatoon map is now live, alongside two new weapons as well.

Nintendo’s “Quality of Life” product is a sleep-monitoring alarm clock

Jul 26th - The first Nintendo's Quality of Life" patent revealed.

Nintendo: Zelda Wii U will be released “when it’s ready”

Jul 25th - Developers are taking their time to deliver the best Zelda game ever.

Nintendo pulls the plug on Wii U TVii service on August 11

Jul 25th - No more channel surfing on the Wii U.

Best Buy offering free Pro Controller with Wii U purchase

Jul 24th - If you still haven't hopped on the Wii U bandwagon just yet, Best Buy has a pretty enticing deal.

Sega says fan reaction to their apology means they’ve taken the right steps

Jul 24th - Sega's new CEO thanks fans for their response to his apology for Sega's poor performance over the past few years.

Miiverse redesign is slated for July 29

Jul 24th - Miiverse has been slated for a redesign since the beginning of this month, but we finally have a release date for it, now.

Check out Nintendo’s Gamescom 2015 line-up

Jul 24th - Here's a look at what's happening in the Nintendo booth at Gamescom come August.