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Gamers across the globe are creating tributes to Mr. Iwata

Jul 13th - Gamers across the globe are sharing their thoughts on Mr. Iwata's lasting legacy at Nintendo. Come share your thoughts with us as we pay tribute to one of the greatest minds in gaming.

Shigeru Miyamoto releases statement on Iwata’s passing

Jul 13th - The internet was shocked to learn yesterday that Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata has passed away. Today Shigeru Miyamoto issued a short statement.

Satoru Iwata has passed away.

Jul 12th - Longtime Nintendo president has passed away at age 55.

Super Mario Maker Amiibo + Artbook Edition gets awesome box art

Jul 12th - The official box art for the upcoming Super Mario Maker + Artbook + 8-bit Mario Amiibo

Check out some Super Mario Maker Comic Con gameplay videos

Jul 12th - Nintendo is showcasing Super Mario Maker at Comic Con 2015, and we got some gameplay footage.

Confirmed: Nintendo is bringing Devil’s Third to the Wii U in the West

Jul 11th - Nintendo of America confirms that Devil's Third will be coming to the West.

New Splatoon map released

Jul 11th - The latest Splatoon map is "Moray Towers" and has just been released for free to all players.

Japanese man makes real life Splatoon Inkzooka gun

Jul 11th - The real-life Splatoon Inkzooka is a powerful water gun.

Nintendo UK will be streaming Super Mario Maker tomorrow

Jul 10th - Nintendo UK will be streaming Super Mario Maker and the new Animal Crossing 3DS game tomorrow on their Twitch channel.

GameStop offering new Smash bundle with adapter and amiibo

Jul 10th - GameStop is offering a new Super Smash Bros. bundle that includes the GameCube adapter.

Super Smash Bros. undergoing maintenance this Monday

Jul 10th - Super Smash Bros. online play will be unavailable on Monday due to server maintenance.

Devil’s Third won’t be published by Nintendo of America

Jul 10th - After rumors that Devil's Third wouldn't be released in North America, we know it won't be published by Nintendo of America.

Animal Crossing spin-offs created to maximize amiibo potential

Jul 9th - The director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf sits down to discuss why there are two spin-offs instead of a new entry into the Animal Crossing franchise.

DeNA thinks it can completely change mobile gaming with Nintendo’s help

Jul 9th - DeNA's CEO Shintaro Asako thinks his company's partnership with Nintendo will revolutionize mobile gaming.

Epic Indie eShop Sale: Buy one get 60% off the other 13 games

Jul 9th - Nintendo is having a huge sale on some of the biggest indie titles available on Wii U, with up to 60% off.

Fast Racing Neo will not have any DLC after launch

Jul 9th - Developer Shin'en confirms that Fast Racing Neo will release with no DLC, providing a complete experience at launch.

Mewtwo amiibo prototype spotted at Comic-Con

Jul 9th - Comic-Con kicked off yesterday in San Diego, where attendees noticed a small surprise waiting in the Nintendo booth.