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Rodea the Sky Soldier preorder shows up with July 28 release date

Feb 23rd - Rodea and the Sky Soldier is now available for pre-order on Amazon with an oddly specific "placeholder" date. Is July 28 the official release date?

West Coast port strike ending soon, will we see more Nintendo supply?

Feb 23rd - The West Coast port strike is coming to an end, so supply for Nintendo products should rebound soon.

Devil’s Third director says to use the Wii U Pro controller with his game

Feb 23rd - Devil's Third director Tomonobu Itagaki says the Wii U Pro controller is the best way to play his upcoming game.

This awesome go-kart trick needs to be in the next Mario Kart game

Feb 22nd - Nintendo should take inspiration from this and add it to Mario Kart.

Analyst: Wii U will sell below 20 million by 2019

Feb 22nd - The Wii U won't sell over 20 million units in its lifetime, according to (some) analysts.

Mario Party series has sold almost 40 million copies

Feb 21st - The longest running party game in history has raked in millions of sales.

Michael Pachter says he has “no clue” why Nintendo products sell out

Feb 20th - Several analysts were asked their opinion on Nintendo's sold out products problem. Pachter said he has "no clue" why Nintendo products sell out.

Best Buy offering $5 off a 3DS/Wii U game for lack of Meta Knight amiibo

Feb 20th - Best Buy is offering $5 coupons off any 3DS/Wii U game for people who want a Meta Knight amiibo but stock is unavailable.

Nintendo UK store is cancelling amiibo pre-orders

Feb 20th - Nintendo UK store is having to cancel certain amiibo pre-orders due to no stock. Check your emails if you have any pre-orders with them.

Hush lets you relive the terrors of childhood imagination and its coming to Wii U

Feb 20th - HUSH takes you on an adventure through a child struggling to cope with the horrors of an abandoned orphanage. Will you escape?

RODEA: The Sky Soldier is coming to the West

Feb 20th - NIS America has announced RODEA: The Sky Soldier will be released in the West before the end of the year.

Nintendo eShop Deals & Downloads: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and more

Feb 19th - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse hits the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, but there's a few other notable releases as well!

Xenoblade director would love to see a Xenoblade Chronicles amiibo series

Feb 19th - Xenoblade Chronicles director has praised the Smash Shulk amiibo and said he'd love a Xenoblade Chronicles amiibo series.

Capcom explains why Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is skipping Wii U and 3DS

Feb 19th - A Capcom representative explains why Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is skipping Nintendo products, despite getting their start there.

Iwata confirms the West Coast port strike has affected 3DS and amiibo supply

Feb 19th - Iwata has confirmed that the West Coast port dispute has had an impact on their supply for both amiibo and the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

New Miiverse update allows you to see when your followers follow someone new

Feb 19th - A new update to Miiverse now allows you to see when people you follow have followed someone new, as well as that person's favorite posts.

Strength of the Sword Kickstarter nearing Wii U goal

Feb 18th - Strength of the Sword is a 3D brawler mixed with unique PvP mechanics that is nearing its Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter.