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Introducing the GameFans website!

Jul 22nd - Our GameFans Android app is now available in the Google Play Store and we're launching a companion site to go with it!

Nintendo releases trailer for the NES Classic mini console

Jul 22nd - Plus a hands-on video from Comic Con.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard get free demos on the Wii U eShop

Jul 21st - Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.

Nintendo to release 10 new Wii games on the Wii U eShop

Jul 21st - Japanese eShop gets Xenoblade, Super Paper Mario, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and more.

Nintendo posts annual report: $4.4 billion in revenue, $290 million in profit

Jul 20th - Wii U sold just 3.2 million units in the last fiscal year.

Pokemon Go surpasses 30 million downloads and $35 million in revenue

Jul 20th - Most popular and highest grossing app in the world right now.

Ubisoft praises the upcoming Nintendo NX

Jul 19th - "What we've seen so far is great"

Nintendo is now more valuable than Sony, thanks to Pokemon Go

Jul 19th - Perhaps a tiny overreaction by the stock market?

New Wii U indie game “Bloc” uses only the GamePad for multiplayer

Jul 18th - Up to 4 players on the GamePad alone.

Arcade racer ‘Racing Apex’ is coming to Wii U

Jul 17th - Looks pretty cool in the first gameplay trailer.

More pics of the upcoming NES mini console

Jul 16th - Just take our money, Nintendo.

Darksiders 1 remaster coming to Wii U?

Jul 16th - Look, a possible third party game on the Wii U!

Pachter: Nintendo did a “mindblowingly good job” at E3 with Zelda

Jul 15th - Says Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be enough for a strong NX launch.

Super Smash Bros sales reach 2 million on Wii U in the US

Jul 15th - And 3 million on the 3DS.

Nintendo announces new console: the NES Classic Edition (seriously)

Jul 14th - A mini version of the NES with built-in 30 NES games.

Wii U sales triple in Japan thanks to new Splatoon bundle

Jul 13th - And Splatoon was the second best selling game in Japan.