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The ultimate Nintendo E3 GIF showcase

Jun 14th - Here's your ticket to the hype train.

Nintendo announces Ryu, Roy, and other DLC for Super Smash Bros

Jun 14th - Ryu, Roy, and Lucas from Mother 3 join the Super Smash Bros roster. But for a price.

The Nintendo World Championship trophy looks awesome

Jun 13th - Nintendo reveals the gold-plated Mario trophy that will be awarded at the Nintendo World Championship next week.

Ryu and Roy confirmed for Super Smash Bros

Jun 13th - Super Smash Bros will be adding two fighters to the roster very soon.

YouTube is becoming more Twitch-like this summer

Jun 12th - YouTube is launching a dedicated service for gamers this summer called YouTube Gaming.

Lucas banned from EVO 2015

Jun 12th - An EVO tournament organizer has stated that Lucas is banned from EVO 2015 for being released too closely to the tournament date.

Splash-o-matic coming to Splatoon tonight

Jun 12th - Nintendo is following through on Splatoon updates with another new weapon releasing tonight.

Nintendo’s full E3 schedule revealed

Jun 12th - Nintendo has a huge presentation this year for E3, so keep up with all the scheduled events next week!

Nintendo Canada says you’ll hear more about 3rd parties at E3

Jun 11th - Nintendo Canada says you'll hear more about third-party partnerships at E3 this year.

Bowser Jr. & the Clown Copter might appear in Mario Maker

Jun 11th - According to promotional materials from Best Buy to promote Mario Maker, Bowser Jr. and the Clown Copter could be making an appearance.

Nintendo eShop: Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, LEGO Jurassic World & more

Jun 11th - LEGO Jurassic World and Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure make up the bulk of new releases this week on the Nintendo eShop.

Sakurai says he isn’t favoring his own characters in Smash

Jun 11th - In his weekly Famitsu column, Masahiro Sakurai addresses the accusation that characters from franchises he worked on are more powerful in Smash than others.

Check out Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo compatibility [VIDEO]

Jun 11th - Nintendo UK has released a new video showing a handful of amiibo working in Yoshi's Woolly World.

Bloodstained port devs will share Unreal 4 engine code with devs

Jun 10th - Armature, the devs responsible for the Wii U and Vita versions of Bloodstained, have announced they'll share their UE4 work with the Wii U and Vita dev communities.

Japanese sales: Splatoon puts the Wii U on top this week

Jun 10th - Splatoon continues to dominate the charts in Japan, with over 150k sold since launch and Wii U sales rising.

Nintendo is porting Hyrule Warriors to the 3DS

Jun 10th - Nintendo accidentally leaked a video showcasing Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo 3DS earlier today, before taking it offline.

Nintendo files for a Diddy Kong trademark in Europe

Jun 10th - Nintendo has filed a trademark for the words Diddy Kong in Europe. Could we be seeing a new game starring Diddy unveiled at E3?