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Check out the new gun being showcased by the Splatoon devs

Apr 13th - The Splatoon developers are showcasing a new gun from the game designed to be a mid-range power player. Check it out!

Analyst believes Nintendo NX will be the dominant game controller of the smart-device era

Apr 13th - One analyst discusses the future of Nintendo with the Nintendo NX and its controller now rooted in the world of smart devices.

Did data miners just leak the next Mario Kart 8 DLC pack?

Apr 13th - According to data mined from the last Mario Kart 8 DLC pack, Baby Park and Neo Bowser City might be returning in Mario Kart 8!

Xenoblade X is more action-oriented than its predecessor, says director

Apr 13th - Xenoblade X's director says the game is more action-oriented than the original Xenoblade Chronicles, so players should expect a different feel from the first game.

Here’s last week’s Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation with English subs

Apr 13th - Japan's Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation has finally been subbed in English to give you a better idea of what was discussed last week.

Mario Kart 8 box art gets updated with Amiibo info

Apr 12th - Updated box art now promotes the new Amiibo compatibility.

Did Xenoblade Chronicles X graphics get downgraded? (video comparison)

Apr 12th - New evidence shows that Xenoblade Chronicles X might have been downgraded since the game was originally revealed.

New Splatoon trailer shows off Ranked Battle and Amiibo features

Apr 11th - New trailer gives us more info on Splatoon's game modes and Amiibo features.

For $10, you can get this cool Amiibo display case

Apr 11th - You'll soon be able to get a proper display case for your Amiibo figures.

Should Xenoblade Chronicles have been brought to the Wii U? [VIDEO]

Apr 11th - Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was just released for the New Nintendo 3DS, but is it better suited for Wii U?

Nintendo’s Spring Sale for the eShop highlights great games

Apr 10th - Nintendo is having a spring sale for retail & eShop titles on the Nintendo eShop, so check if there are any games you've been waiting to pick up!

Super Doomed n’ Damned is a throwback to 16-bit arcade games

Apr 10th - Arc-Gen Games have released a teaser trailer for Super Doomed n' Damned, a throwback to classic 16-bit arcade games.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has downloadable packs to ease load times in Japan

Apr 10th - Xenoblade Chronicles X has four supporting data packs on the Japanese eShop designed to help ease loading times for disc users.

Analyst says Nintendo is winding down Wii U development

Apr 10th - Analysts believe that Nintendo is beginning to wind down development of the Wii U platform in preparation for the NX platform.

Splatoon developers discuss Miyamoto’s early disinterest in the game

Apr 9th - Shigeru Miyamoto initially felt that Splatoon had no appeal before the development team created the game we see today.

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s fast-paced battles detailed in two new videos

Apr 9th - Two new battle videos showcase the timing aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles X combat systems.

Nintendo eShop Downloads: Affordable Space Adventures & more

Apr 9th - Here's a look at what's new on the Wii U and 3DS eShop this week, including several new releases for the 3DS!