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Retro Studios may be hinting at an E3 presence

Jun 9th - Retro Studios seems to be teasing an E3 presence, perhaps we'll finally see what they've been working on since Tropical Freeze.

Armikrog headed to the Wii U on August 18

Jun 9th - The stop-motion adventure game Armikrog finally has a release date for the Wii U!

Minor Wii U update now available

Jun 9th - The Wii U has a minor system update that brings stability and performance improvements shortly before E3.

Kotaku reviewer says 70 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X is boring

Jun 9th - Kotaku imported a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X to review, with the reviewer describing 70 hours of gameplay as boring.

Renegade Kid confirms Xeodrifter will be on Wii U

Jun 8th - Renegade Kid has confirmed that its 3DS title Xeodrifter will be coming to the Wii U eShop this year.

Sakurai will be showcasing new Super Smash Bros. content on June 14

Jun 8th - Sakurai will be hosting a special presentation revealing the upcoming Super Smash Bros. DLC plans on June 14.

Splatoon sold nearly 150k copies in Japan the first four days

Jun 8th - Japan is crazy for Splatoon, with 97% of its original shipment bought within the first four days of going on sale.

Counterfeit Amiibos are hitting the market

Jun 7th - Counterfeit Amiibo figures are now on sale online and have appeared in certain markets as well.

Of course someone recreated Splatoon in Minecraft

Jun 7th - It only took the Minecraft community about a week to recreate Splatoon.

The fan-made Solid Snake Amiibo looks pretty darn good

Jun 6th - The fan-made Solid Snake Amiibo concept is pretty darn impressive.

Nintendo takes over mall fountain to promote Splatoon

Jun 6th - Nintendo finds yet another creative way to promote its games.

Check out the Splatoon Mii costumes for Super Smash Bros.

Jun 5th - Super Smash Bros. is getting updated with new Splatoon costumes for your Mii fighters, as well as a stage based on the Miiverse!

Splatoon getting the Ink Brush weapon tomorrow

Jun 5th - Nintendo of Japan has announced a minor update for Splatoon, which brings in a new weapon for you to use.

Super Smash Bros. is getting Lucas on June 14

Jun 5th - Nintendo of America has announced the release date for the Lucas DLC for Super Smash Bros., right before the start of E3.

Capcom has hired a new producer for Mega Man

Jun 4th - Rumors are circling about Capcom potentially reviving the Mega Man IP after it was discovered a new producer was hired for the series.

Nintendo eShop Downloads: Adventures of Pip and more

Jun 4th - Here's a look at what's new on the Nintendo eShop this week, including the Adventures of Pip and an update for Splatoon.

Here’s a look at expert mode on the new Guitar Hero Live

Jun 4th - Here's a look at expert mode in Guitar Hero Live with both the game view and a look at the player's hands, so you can see how the new controller plays.