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Kotaku reviewer says 70 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X is boring

Jun 9th - Kotaku imported a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X to review, with the reviewer describing 70 hours of gameplay as boring.

Renegade Kid confirms Xeodrifter will be on Wii U

Jun 8th - Renegade Kid has confirmed that its 3DS title Xeodrifter will be coming to the Wii U eShop this year.

Sakurai will be showcasing new Super Smash Bros. content on June 14

Jun 8th - Sakurai will be hosting a special presentation revealing the upcoming Super Smash Bros. DLC plans on June 14.

Splatoon sold nearly 150k copies in Japan the first four days

Jun 8th - Japan is crazy for Splatoon, with 97% of its original shipment bought within the first four days of going on sale.

Counterfeit Amiibos are hitting the market

Jun 7th - Counterfeit Amiibo figures are now on sale online and have appeared in certain markets as well.

Of course someone recreated Splatoon in Minecraft

Jun 7th - It only took the Minecraft community about a week to recreate Splatoon.

The fan-made Solid Snake Amiibo looks pretty darn good

Jun 6th - The fan-made Solid Snake Amiibo concept is pretty darn impressive.

Nintendo takes over mall fountain to promote Splatoon

Jun 6th - Nintendo finds yet another creative way to promote its games.

Check out the Splatoon Mii costumes for Super Smash Bros.

Jun 5th - Super Smash Bros. is getting updated with new Splatoon costumes for your Mii fighters, as well as a stage based on the Miiverse!

Splatoon getting the Ink Brush weapon tomorrow

Jun 5th - Nintendo of Japan has announced a minor update for Splatoon, which brings in a new weapon for you to use.

Super Smash Bros. is getting Lucas on June 14

Jun 5th - Nintendo of America has announced the release date for the Lucas DLC for Super Smash Bros., right before the start of E3.

Capcom has hired a new producer for Mega Man

Jun 4th - Rumors are circling about Capcom potentially reviving the Mega Man IP after it was discovered a new producer was hired for the series.

Nintendo eShop Downloads: Adventures of Pip and more

Jun 4th - Here's a look at what's new on the Nintendo eShop this week, including the Adventures of Pip and an update for Splatoon.

Here’s a look at expert mode on the new Guitar Hero Live

Jun 4th - Here's a look at expert mode in Guitar Hero Live with both the game view and a look at the player's hands, so you can see how the new controller plays.

Nintendo reveals Mario 30th anniversary website

Jun 4th - Nintendo opens a new site to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mario, with a special Mario Maker tribute.

Pokken Tournament is releasing in Japan this summer

Jun 3rd - Pokken Tournament will be debuting in Japanese arcades in July, but there's still no information on whether the title will appear in the West.

Fast Racing Neo website updated with new look and screenshots

Jun 3rd - Developer Shin'en updated the website for Fast Racing Neo, giving us a quick look at the game.