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Bowser is Nintendo of America’s new VP of sales

May 20th - Nintendo of America has hired a new Vice President of sales, bringing Doug Bowser into the fold.

Rumor: Meta Knight amiibo will return to Best Buy on May 29

May 19th - According to several Best Buy employees, stores will begin receiving more Meta Knight stock soon.

Create an epic one-liner and win a copy of Steamworld Heist

May 19th - As part of the Steamworld Ambassador program, Image & Form is seeking clever one-liners for the game and a chance to win an early copy!

Nintendo wins patent suit over Wii balance board

May 19th - Nintendo has won a patent case brought against them for alleged patent infringement regarding the Wii balance board.

8 Best Buy stores hosting Nintendo World Championship qualifers

May 19th - There are 8 Best Buy locations across the nation participating in the Nintendo World Championship qualifiers, check to see if one is near you!

Nintendo president Iwata will not be at E3 this year

May 19th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will not be attending E3 this year, though Miyamoto will still make an appearance.

Nintendo hopes to entice the Mario Kart crowd with Splatoon

May 18th - Nintendo is targeting the same people who loved Mario Kart with Splatoon and marketing is going all out to promote the new game.

Target offering exclusive Splatoon-themed squirt gun with Splatoon

May 18th - Target will be giving away a free squirt gun with every purchase of Splatoon.

10 year old saved his grandma’s life with skills from Mario Kart

May 18th - A 10 year-old Colorado boy saved the life of his grandmother and brother after taking over the wheel when his grandma passed out while driving.

Ucraft returns Wii U exclusive after failed Kickstarter

May 18th - UCraft will remain a Wii U exclusive game despite the failure of the Kickstarter effort late last year.

Japan is getting a Splatoon manga soon

May 17th - A new manga comic book featuring Splatoon has been revealed in Japan.

Wii U sold just 43,000 units in April (NPD leak)

May 16th - The Wii U accounted for just 10% of current gen sales in North America last month, according to NPD.

Square Enix moves its E3 press conference because of Nintendo

May 16th - Square Enix postpones its E3 press conference by an hour to avoid conflict with Nintendo's event.

Iwata acknowledges that Japanese game consumption differs from rest of the world

May 15th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata finally admits that the rest of the world plays games differently from Japan, as the country is increasingly focused on mobile rather than consoles.

Splatoon Global Testfire event is returning on May 24

May 15th - Nintendo is hosting another Global Testfire event for Splatoon the week before launch.

New 60fps footage of 90s Arcade Racer on Wii U [VIDEO]

May 14th - The first footage for 90s Arcade Racer on Wii U is available now from the developer in a recent Kickstarter update.

Here’s a look at gameplay from LEGO Jurassic World [VIDEO]

May 14th - A new trailer for LEGO Jurassic World showcases the ability to play as dinosaurs in the upcoming game.