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Wii U software accounted for 1% of Ubisoft’s sales last year

May 12th - Ubisoft's annual earnings report has revealed that Wii U software made up only 1% of revenue during the past fiscal year.

Check out Splatoon single player with Nintendo Minute

May 12th - The Nintendo Minute crew goes behind the scenes with Splatoon's single player mode to give us a taste of what to expect on May 29.

Nintendo will reveal their E3 plans tomorrow

May 12th - Nintendo has announced that it will be discussing their E3 plans tomorrow.

Deal: Amazon has Wii U GameCube adapters for $14.99

May 12th - Amazon is offering a well-reviewed third-party GameCube adapter for super cheap, should you still need one for Smash.

There are tons of patterns to unlock in Yoshi’s Woolly World

May 12th - Yoshi's Woolly World has tons of different patterns for you to collect for Yoshi, including some never before seen!

Target allocation for amiibo wave 4 shows more low-stock figures

May 11th - A redditor has broken down anonymous allocation information from Target to determine how many of each figure individual Target stores will receive upon Wave 4 release.

Nintendo will not discuss the NX or smart device announcements at E3

May 11th - Satoru Iwata has reiterated that the company will not be discussing the NX or their plans for smart phones at E3 this year.

Check out the Japanese TV commercial for Splatoon

May 11th - The Japanese commercial for Splatoon does a much better job of engaging people who might not know what Splatoon is.

Rumor: New Paper Mario for Wii U in development?

May 11th - A new rumor has surfaced on a Japanese image board that says Paper Mario for Wii U is in development at Intelligent Systems.

Amazon dates Legend of Kay for June 30th

May 11th - Amazon has dated Legend of Kay for June 30th release, with just a $24.99 price point. Will you be picking it up?

Nintendo uses cool Miiverse drawings as Splatoon graffiti

May 10th - Splatoon has a pretty cool Miiverse feature.

Iwata says the Nintendo NX might be region-free

May 10th - The Wii U will stay region-locked, but the upcoming console might not.

Check out Nintendo’s awesome 2015 company guide book

May 9th - This is how Nintendo greets new employees.

Custom Zelda Nintendo 64 console is an art piece

May 9th - The custom Nintendo 64 console is a work of art.

Japanese Wii U sales surge thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles X

May 8th - Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out in Japan for a week now, contributing to a strong sales week for the Wii U.

Nintendo announces 10 million global amiibo sales

May 8th - Nintendo has sold 10.5 million amiibo since launching late last year alongside Super Smash Bros.

Iwata briefly discusses the new service replacing Club Nintendo

May 8th - Iwata briefly discussed the replacement for Club Nintendo in yesterday's investor meeting, outlining plans for both mobile and home consoles.