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Pachter: Nintendo did a “mindblowingly good job” at E3 with Zelda

Jul 15th - Says Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be enough for a strong NX launch.

Super Smash Bros sales reach 2 million on Wii U in the US

Jul 15th - And 3 million on the 3DS.

Nintendo announces new console: the NES Classic Edition (seriously)

Jul 14th - A mini version of the NES with built-in 30 NES games.

Wii U sales triple in Japan thanks to new Splatoon bundle

Jul 13th - And Splatoon was the second best selling game in Japan.

Puzzle game Tumblestone hits the Wii U eShop

Jul 12th - Featuring local and online multiplayer.

Kerbal Space Program coming to Wii U later this winter

Jul 11th - The quirky space simulator is coming to Wii U this winter with full GamePad integration.

Nintendo stock rockets 36% today so far thanks to Pokemon Go

Jul 11th - Biggest one-day jump in company history.

Wii U getting first person shooter “Draw The Line”

Jul 10th - From the makers of UCraft.

Miyamoto says Pikmin 4 is still in development

Jul 7th - But it's not a top priority at Nintendo.

Pachter: NX can sell 20 to 50 million units if it’s as powerful as the PS4

Jul 6th - Because that will bring on board the third party publishers.

Chinese ripped off Splatoon for a mobile game. And it looks identical.

Jul 6th - And it looks a lot like the real Splatoon. So real that Nintendo is taking down videos of it.