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Bayonetta director says he has plenty of ideas for Bayonetta 3

Feb 16th - Bayonetta 2 director says if he was given the chance to make a sequel, he would jump at the chance.

Rayman Smash “leak” determined to be fake, here’s how it was made

Feb 16th - The supposed Smash Rayman leak over the weekend has turned out to be 100% fake after the creator shows his process on YouTube.

Aonuma says Zelda Wii U will push the hardware to its limits

Feb 16th - Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma says this iteration of the Zelda series will push the Wii U to its limits.

Nintendo pulls the plug on European Wii U TVii service

Feb 15th - Nintendo gives up on bringing the TVii service to Europe due to complex TV and cable structure.

Mario Party 10 and Captain Toad will support all Amiibos

Feb 14th - All Amiibos will work with and give you goodies in Mario Party 10 and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Check out this massive gallery of screenshots from Xenoblade Chronicles X [GALLERY]

Feb 13th - New areas from Xenoblade Chronicles X have been revealed on the Japanese website dedicated to the game.

Wii U software sales up 45%, despite only 63k consoles sold in January

Feb 13th - Software sales year over year are up by 45% and while the console only managed to sell 63k last month, that's still a rise over last year.

Several indie devs showcasing Nintendo games at IndieCade East

Feb 13th - IndieCade East will be underway this weekend, with several indie developers who are working on games for Nintendo platforms in attendance.

Several new amiibos are compatible with Mario Party 10

Feb 13th - A new Japanese site for Mario Party 10 has launched, showcasing new compatibility with previously released amiibos.

Iwata still refuses to consider smartphone gaming as an option

Feb 12th - Iwata re-iterates that Nintendo will not embrace mobile as a gaming platform while he is the head of the company.

Nintendo showcases the avatar creator from Xenoblade Chronicles X [VIDEO]

Feb 12th - Listen to a new music track from Xenoblade Chronicles X as we have a scroll through the custom avatar creator's options.

Pachter says Nintendo still in denial about “failure of the Wii U”

Feb 12th - In a recent interview, Pachter outlines why he believes Nintendo has failed with the Wii U and how it will affect the company going forward.

Meta Knight amiibo release date moved to February 20

Feb 12th - Best Buy has been quiet about the release date of the Meta Knight amiibo, but a recent email sent to pre-order holders confirms the release date.

Sonic Boom sold less than 500k between Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

Feb 12th - Sonic Boom has barely made a whimper at retail, selling less than 500k units between both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s what real-life tracks look like in Project CARS

Feb 11th - A cock-pit comparison shows a real-life cockpit compared to Project CARS on a real racing track and the results are stunning.

Toad amiibo pre-orders are available at Walmart

Feb 11th - is now accepting pre-orders for the Toad amiibo from the Super Mario amiibo collection.

Nintendo asks fans to pick a Mushroom Kingdom valentine

Feb 11th - Nintendo asks fans to vote for whom they'd like to spend a Valentine's Day with among Mushroom Kingdom residents. The result is surprising!