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Project Cars Wii U

Project Cars is a racing game developed for the Wii U by developer Slightly Mad Studios. The Project Cars Wii U version will likely have several console specific features that utilize the new Wii U controller. The game is slated for a release in March 2013 on PC and multiple consoles, including the Wii U. Speculations about Wii U specific features include using the tablet controller as a high-tech steering wheel, like in Formula One, with buttons and car controls toggled via the touchscreen. This will make the Wii U controller acts as a virtual steering wheel, where the player tilts the wheel to turn in a direction. The Project Cars Wii U racing game will also support online multiplayer, through the new Nintendo Network.

Project Cars Wii U
Unlike other games, Project Cars has a unique structure when it comes to funding the game development. Slightly Mad Studios made Project Cars a crowd funded racing game, meaning that people can invest in the game and participate in any profit sharing that might occur. The studio has already attracted enough funds to get the game into alpha status, and has released playable alpha versions of the game on the PC.

Project Cars Wii U gameplay and features

Project Cars for the Wii U will ship with over 30 racing tracks and 100 cars, both real world cars and those based on real world cars. The game will also feature Formula 1 and other racing modes such as GP2, and even go-kart racing. The list of cars includes the Ariel Atom, Audi A4, Gumpert Apollo S, Radical SR3, several vintage Lotus cars, and many others. In all, the Project Cars Wii U racing game will include over 100 cars of all sorts, from road cars, to sports and super cars, to Formula 1 and 2, to go-karts.

The Project Cars Wii U racing tracks will vary from road to dedicated race tracks. Real world tracks like Suzuka Circuit in Japan, Mugello in Italy, and Hockenheimring in Germany will be re-created for the game. The game will also feature many fictional racing tracks, from street roads, to grand prix raceway circuits.

Project Cars Wii U screenshots