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SEGA Wii U games

SEGA Wii U gamesThe list of SEGA Wii U games comprises of a hardcore title, Aliens Colonial Marines, and a more casual game in the form of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. So far, those are the only two confirmed SEGA Wii U games, but the Japanese publisher no doubt has many more in development. SEGA is rumored to be bringing their Yakuza series to the Wii U at some point in the future. Here is the full list of confirmed list of games from SEGA:

List of SEGA Wii U games

Rumored SEGA Wii U games

  • Football Manager 13
  • Untitled Yakuza game
  • Conduit sequel

SEGA and developer High Voltage Software have been rumored to be bringing the Conduit Wii franchise to the Wii U, with a rumored Conduit 3 in the works. So far tough, officially there are only two SEGA Wii U games scheduled for release, one of them being a possible launch title.