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New Kirby game announced for 3DS for 2014

Classic side-scrolling Kirby action finds its way to Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

Nintendo says the earthquake of 2011 affected Wii U development

Nintendo explains that the 2011 earthquake and tsunami affected both development of the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Nintendo to host Wii U and 3DS tours across the UK this summer

Nintendo's marketing campaign continues with tours across the UK beginning this month.

Wii U Daily Readers: Do you want to see 3DS news?

Wii U Daily is considering expanding our coverage to include 3DS news, but we want your opinion before this happens!

Wii U Virtual Console games may be playable on 3DS

It's unofficial, but given time, both home and handheld Virtual Consoles may be as one.

Could Nintendo bring back gifting, have Virtual Console connect W...

Recent rumours point to the real possibility of transferring purchases between console and handheld, plus more.

5 minutes of Legend of Zelda 3DS footage

Five minutes of footage from the new Legend of Zelda 3DS game.

Watch the Nintendo Direct 3DS presentation

Watch the complete Nintendo Direct 3DS presentation here.

Nintendo Direct 3DS – Full Recap of 3DS Details

Here's a recap of all the 3DS goodness that was revealed in today's Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct 3DS – Wii U details

The Nintendo Direct for 3DS had a few hidden gems for Wii U owners.

Nintendo announces a 3DS Nintendo Direct this Wednesday

Nintendo of Europe have just announced a 3DS-exclusive Nintendo Direct for Wednesday.

Nintendo Direct Wii U recap

Wii U highlights from today's Nintendo Direct.

European Nintendo Direct 3DS round up

Some interesting localisation decisions and a much awaited release-date show up in the European version of Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct 3DS round up – Year of Luigi, Animal Crossi...

This morning's NIntendo Direct was filled with 3DS news galore.

Discussion: Would you rather buy your games digitally?

If games went digitally only, would you be okay with purchasing directly from Nintendo?

Nintendo News – Rune Factory 4, Fire Emblem & More

Select news concerning Nintendo and the 3DS available in one pint-sized column now on Mondays!

Nintendo will merge handheld and console divisions next month

Mergers between divisions suggest Nintendo's plans for consoles and handhelds will align in the future.