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GameFly lists Terraria as Coming Soon to Wii U

GameFly is showing a page for Terraria on Wii U, listing the game as coming soon.

505 Games says How to Survive is still coming to Wii U next year

505 Games has confirmed that zombie apocalypse survival game How to Survive is still in the works for Wii U and should release on...

New launch trailer for How to Survive, coming to Wii U soon

Here's the launch trailer for How to Survive, a survival zombie apocalypse game coming to Wii U soon.

Sniper Elite III will not be coming to Wii U for now

The official Twitter account of Sniper Elite III has confirmed there are no plans to bring the game to Wii U for now.

How To Survive will be coming to Wii U minus online multiplayer

505 Games will be bringing How To Survive to Wii U without support for online multiplayer.

Sniper Elite V2 confirmed for Wii U release this spring

Sniper Elite V2 has been officially confirmed by Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

Rumor: Sniper Elite v2 headed to Wii U

Realistic sniping simulator Sniper Elite v2 could be headed to Wii U if online game listings are correct.

Discussion: Would you buy Terraria on Wii U?

Terraria is being released on consoles, but Wii U release is conspicuously absent. You could change that.