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Nintendo denies that the NX will use Android

Nintendo has reached out to Nikkei to deny the rumor that the Nintendo NX will run on Android, but Nintendo has denied rumors that...

The Nintendo NX will be powered by Android [RUMOR]

According to a new rumor by Japanese publication Nikkei, Nintendo’s new Nintendo NX will use Android for its operating system.

Wii U Daily Android App launches on Google Play Store

Been looking for the best way to follow Wii U Daily while on the go? Good news: the Wii U Daily Android App is...

Nintendo to allow cross platform play with Wii U game: Pure Chess

Nintendo is granting developer VooFoo the option for cross platform play on the Wii U version of Pure Chess.

Zen Pinball 2 Wii U launch delayed until January

Zen Pinball 2 will be unavailable on the eShop until sometime in January.