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Bethesda says the time for enticing third parties to develop for ...

Bethesda VP of marketing says Nintendo’s time for courting third party developers for Wii U is “long past”.

Wolfenstein: The New Order could come to Wii U

Bethesda’s newly announced Wolfenstein: The New Order could make its way to Wii U.

Skyrim developer still unsure about the Wii U

Bethesda wants to release their games on all platforms that support them. Which still doesn’t include the Wii U…

Skyrim on Wii U

According to developer Bethesda, their upcoming and highly anticipated RPG Skyrim, might just finds its way to the

Bethesda to support Wii U “if it’s powerful enough...

Bethesda, the publisher behind Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and the upcoming Rage and Prey 2, says that they’re