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Nintendo’s baseball team posts $11 million profit

In case you forgot, Nintendo owns a baseball team. And they’re doing pretty good.

Gamers bought Wii U for “fun factor”, PS4 for “...

“Fun” is the most important thing or Wii U owners.

Nintendo pushing towards $250 million in digital sales annually

Nintendo’s digital sales are increasing, now account for $250 million worth of revenue per year.

Analyst: “Wii U is the weakest console in the history of Ni...

Analyst believes that Nintendo’s core business is in “bad shape” and that the Wii U is the worst console in the company’s history.

Wii U has best sales month ever in December 2014

Wii U ended 2014 strongly, with record hardware and software sales.

Reggie talks Wii U and how it fits in the current marketplace

In a new video interview, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime talks about the Wii U and Nintendo’s position in the marketplace.

Is Nintendo and the Wii U finally bouncing back?

Is Nintendo and the Wii U finally getting out of their slump?

Nintendo undersupplied the original Wii because they lost money o...

Instead of losing too much money, Nintendo supply constrained the console until it was profitable.

Iwata: “Nintendo is a company that can do whatever they wan...

Iwata feels confident about Nintendo’s and shares his thoughts on the company’s future.

Survey: only 1 percent of gamers want a Wii U this Holiday season

A survey of 5,000 gamers reveals that just 1% of them want a Wii U this holiday season.

Reggie: consumers buy hardware because of the experience, not gra...

“Systems that generate pretty pictures by themselves aren’t selling propositions” says Reggie

Amazon has a ton of Wii U games on sale

Nintendo Land for $10, Assassin’s Creed 3 for $20, Mass Effect 3 for $18, Black Ops 2 for $20, and more.

Just 3% of Ubisoft’s sales came from the Wii U in the last ...

Publisher reveals the cold hard truth about Wii U game sales.

Iwata: first priority is to regain momentum of the Wii U

Nintendo president says that first priority is to get the Wii U back on track, then focus on third party games.

How Nintendo can turn the Wii U into a success

The Wii U isn’t doing as well as it should, and Nintendo needs to step up their game.

CNN: 3 things Nintendo must do for Wii U

CNN says that Nintendo needs to cut the Wii U price, update the firmware, and speed up game development.

Costco offers Wii U consoles at reduced price

Costco lowers their price on Wii U consoles by up to $55.