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Club Nintendo shuts down in Japan, Europe, and Australia tomorrow

Just a quick heads up for all our global readers outside of North America, today is the last day to redeem stars/points for your...

Tomorrow is your last day to use Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo is closing tomorrow, so be sure to claim any rewards for coins you have left, because you won’t be able to after...

Reminder: Today is the last day for Club Nintendo Elite rewards

Today is the last day for you to choose your reward game for Gold and Platinum status at Club Nintendo, so don’t forget!

Fantastic Four movie trailer has a clever Nintendo reference in i...

A brand new trailer for the Fantastic Four movie coming this summer released yesterday with a very clever Nintendo reference hidden in it.

Nintendo releases the final rewards for Gold/Platinum Club Ninten...

Nintendo has showcased the rewards for platinum and gold members for the final year of Club Nintendo.

Last day to register your Club Nintendo points

March 31st marks the final day you can register any products with Club Nintendo in order to redeem points toward Gold or Platinum status.

Super Mario 3D World & Kirby soundtracks back up on Club Nin...

Club Nintendo Europe has restocked the Super Mario 3D World soundtrack, alongside offering the Kirby Triple Deluxe soundtrack.

Heads up: Only a week left for Club Nintendo surveys

Club Nintendo is shutting down on March 31st, so you have one week left to generate post play surveys to fill out.

Nintendo banning Club Nintendo accounts that used an exploit

Nintendo has closed an exploit that allowed easy coin generation on Club Nintendo and has begun deactivating accounts that abused the bug.

Silver & Gold Mario amiibos on their way.. Club Nintendo rel...

A certificate showing silver and gold standard Mario amiibos has surfaced. Could these be the final Club Nintendo reward for gold and platinum members?

Final Club Nintendo rewards for February are now live

Nintendo has updated Club Nintendo with the final rewards for the North American region, including new physical rewards.

New Club Nintendo rewards for January are here

Despite announcing the closure of the Club Nintendo program earlier today, Nintendo has debuted its January game collection for Club Nintendo members.

Nintendo announces it’s closing Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo is closing and games shipping this year will no longer have redeemable codes. Nintendo says the program will be replaced by something...

Club Nintendo shows top Wii U and 3DS games according to fans

Club Nintendo now showcases which games are the highest rated according to user rankings on Wii U and 3DS.

Wii U and 3DS must be linked to Club Nintendo within 5 days to ge...

If you haven’t linked Club Nintendo to your consoles before downloading Smash, you might not be eligible for the Mewtwo DLC.

Club Nintendo in Europe has Mario Kart 8 badges

Club Nintendo in Europe has announced a new product available for members, replica Mario Kart 8 badge pins.

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. has over 400 pieces of mus...

The soundtrack that Nintendo is offering to Club Nintendo Smash owners offers more than 400 pieces of music.