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Here’s the new Club Nintendo rewards for October

Here’s a look at October’s games on Club Nintendo that you can redeem for coins.

Platinum Club Nintendo members getting Smash demo codes

Several lucky Club Nintendo members are getting codes for an early demo of the upcoming Super Smash Bros games by email today. Are you...

Here’s what Club Nintendo games are on offer for September

Here’s a look at the new game rewards for September at Club Nintendo.

Club Nintendo Europe gets cute Yoshi plushie

Club Nintendo in Europe adds a cute Yoshi plushie for the price of 5000 stars.

Club Nintendo Europe gets stunning Zelda-themed case

Club Nintendo of Europe just added a swanky new Zelda-themed carrying case to its prize offering.

Club Nintendo’s August reward games revealed

The reward games for August are now up on the Club Nintendo page, featuring games like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Excite Bike.

PSA: Today is the last day to claim your MK8 promotion game!

Today is your last chance to register Mario Kart 8 and receive a free game!

Club Nintendo rewards are all digital this year

Club Nintendo rewards are now available, but Nintendo is only offering digital rewards this year.

New Club Nintendo games for July are now up

Here’s a look at what you can spend your Club Nintendo rewards on for the month of July.

Today is the last day of Club Nintendo 2014 rewards

Today is the final day to register coins for this year’s gold or platinum prize giveaway at Club Nintendo.

Download code for Tomodachi Life demo being sent via email

A few lucky Platinum Club Nintendo members are being sent download codes for Tomodachi Life: Move-in Version!

Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now available on Club Nintendo Eu...

The Super Mario 3D World soundtrack has just become available on the European Club Nintendo page!

New Club Nintendo rewards for May are now available

Club Nintendo’s selection of games has been updated for May and there’s a new physical item for you to spend your coins on.

New games available for March at Club Nintendo

New games have been added as Club Nintendo rewards for March.

Register a new 3DS in March and get Pokémon X/Y FREE!

All you have to do is register a new 3DS, 3DSXL or 2DS system along with a qualifying game!

Punch Out! and Super Mario RPG are Club Nintendo’s featured...

Club Nintendo has updated their featured games for February, including Punch-Out!! and Super Mario RPG.

Luigi’s Mansion figurine is sold out on Club Nintendo

Hope you managed to get it before it sold out, as 1500 coins is rich!