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Gamecube style controller for Wii U announced by PDP

If you’re worried about playing Smash Brothers 4 without a gamecube controller, fear not! PDP is making a peripheral that meets your needs.

Wii U might support two controllers after all

There has been some going back and forth on whether the Nintendo Wii U would support two tablet

Wii U controller: the new vs the old

A few days ago an image of an updated Wii U controller leaked (by a person who has

Wii U controller and Wiimote connection suggested in new patent

Nintendo has been filing patents like crazy: the latest one involves the Wii U controller and the old

Retro Wii U controller concept

Graphic artist “gifteddeviant” made an awesome mockup of a retro Wii U controller that got our attention. Inspired

Beautiful Wii U controller 3D render

3D artist “Tom-3D” created this amazing 3D render of a Wii U controller. Be sure to view the

New Wii U Zapper revealed in patent application

Nintendo is filing a bunch of patents for Wii U accessories these days. Last week, it was revealed

Nintendo patents Wii U controller dock

Nintendo has filed for a patent covering a possible Wii U controller dock, or docking station, as the

Nintendo tested a 3D screen for Wii U controller

The Wii U console sets itself apart from every other console on the market with its innovative Wii

Wii U controller to have NFC chip

As we’re getting closer to the full Wii U unveiling, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata revealed to investors that the

Wii U to support non-game apps on its tablet controller?

A new report from The Daily, Nintendo won’t just allow small games and apps as we mentioned last

Wii U might support two controllers

When the Wii U was announced at E3 2011, Nintendo revealed that they had plans of only supporting

Wii U tablet controller to include flash memory

We already know that the Wii U tablet controller will feature a wide array of sensors, like an

Wii U Controller demonstration

In the above video, Nintendo gives a great demonstration of just what can be achieved with the new