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Devil’s Third is no longer Wii U exclusive: coming to PC

Developer Valhalla Games is spreading the disappointment to the PC platform.

Devil’s Third gets North American box art

Devil’s Third gets official box art so you know what to avoid at your local game store.

Dell has listed Devil’s Third for only $30

Dell’s website has listed Devil’s Third at $29.99, suggesting a budget release for the game in December.

Now we know why Nintendo didn’t want to publish Devil’...

The Wii U exclusive action game is a complete disaster.

XSeed unhappy with Devil’s Third publisher situation [RUMOR...

Rumors are swirling that XSeed is not happy with Nintendo for swooping in on Devil’s Third publishing in North America.

Nintendo UK giving away Devil’s Third t-shirts with pre-ord...

If you live in the UK and want to get your hands on Devil’s Third, you can get a great shirt by pre-ordering.

First look at Devil’s Third multiplayer matches [VIDEO]

Devil’s Third has been in out Japan for a week now. Check out some of the multiplayer videos Japanese players have uploaded.

New Devil’s Third interview featuring creator Tomonobu Itag...

Devil’s Third’s creator Tomonobu Itagaki sits down to discuss the world of Devil’s Third in this brief video interview.

Devil’s Third includes microtransactions for buying gear

New information taken from the Japanese website for Devil’s Third reveals the game contains microtransactions.

New Devil’s Third trailer showcases explosive gameplay [VID...

Nintendo of Japan has released a new trailer for Devil’s Third, showcasing some of the more eccentric aspects of gameplay.

Devil’s Third will not have cross-platform multiplayer

Despite releasing a free-to-play PC version of Devil’s Third multiplayer, it will not be cross-platform with the Wii U version.

Comparison of Devil’s Third from E3 2014 to now [VIDEO]

Check out this comparison of footage taken from E3 last year compared to some preview footage released last week for Devil’s Third.

Itagaki responds to criticism of Devil’s Third

Tomonobu Itagaki has taken to Facebook to defend his game from the less than favorable previews that went live on several sites earlier this...

Here’s a look at the first mission in Devil’s Third

Check out this short preview of the first mission within Devil’s Third to see a taste of what the game feels like.

Devil’s Third previews hint at why Nintendo has been silent...

Several first impressions of Devil’s Third have gone up ahead of the Japanese release, painting a clear picture about Nintendo of America’s silence concerning...

Confirmed: Nintendo is bringing Devil’s Third to the Wii U ...

Nintendo of America confirms that Devil’s Third will be coming to the West.