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Man is suing Nintendo over Donkey Kong costume

Man hired to portray Donkey Kong at a Culver City event says he suffered permanent damage due to the design of the suit.

Donkey Kong almost didn’t make it into Pixels

Pixels is releasing in theaters this Friday, featuring notable 80s gaming icons like Centipede, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong.

Former Rare dev discusses redesigning Donkey Kong

Former Rare dev Kev Bayliss discusses how he transformed Donkey Kong from an 8-bit arcade character into the ape we know and love today.

Donkey Kong is pretty amazing in Skylanders Superchargers [VIDEO]

Check out this quick gameplay video to see how Donkey Kong performs in the upcoming Skylanders Superchargers.

New update for NES Remix allows new controllers to be used

NES Remix title update now allows support for the Pro Controller and other controllers.

Nintendo announces NES Remix for Wii U

Link in Donkey Kong? Check out Nintendo’s crazy new take on some of their most beloved classics.

Editorial: Zorpix gets “Cranky” about the VGX awards

Zorpix has a few words to say about Nintendo’s recent appearance at VGX, and it might not be pretty.

Cranky Kong playable character confirmed by Reggie at 2013 VGX aw...

Eldest of the Kong family revealed as the fourth playable character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Donkey Kong now available for .30 cents on Wii U

Donkey Kong is the last game in Nintendo’s $.30 virtual console promotion, available now.

Microsoft execs thought they owned Donkey Kong after Rare purchas...

Chris Seavor relays a funny story about one Microsoft executive who thought they owned Donkey Kong after buying Rare.