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EA Sports is excited about the Wii U

Developers at EA Sports have already figured out how to integrate the Wii U GamePad into FIFA 13.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U includes DLC, extended ending

The Mass Effect 3 Wii U will ship with the Extended Cut game ending, plus the Earth multiplayer DLC.

Nintendo building “trusting relationships” with Wii U...

Nintendo is taking third party Wii U support seriously this time around, and is courting developers to create and release games on the system.

EA: Wii U will be successful

EA will be supporting the Wii U with launch games, and believes the new system will be successful.

EA: Madden 13 Wii U will be the real deal

Madden 13 Wii U is in development, EA has confirmed, and it’s set to be the “real deal,

Wii U can be the preferred platform for core games, says Nintendo

Third party Wii U support is extremely important for Nintendo, especially now that many claim they have lost

EA working on two Wii U games, will be announced this Summer

Last week at E3, EA didn’t show a lot of support for the Wii U – in fact,

Battlefield 3 on Wii U “won’t be Battlefield”

We’ve previously reported that developer DICE is interested in bringing Battlefield 3 to the upcoming Wii U console,

Battlefield 3 dev: we definitely see potential in the Wii U

Battlefield 3 is one of the most anticipated upcoming games this year, and was showcased for the Wii

Battlefield 3 developer not yet interested in Wii U

When the Wii U was revealed at E3 a few months ago, EA showcased a brief glimpse of

EA: Wii U just as powerful as Xbox 360, PS3

We already know that the Wii U packs some powerful hardware, according to some, it’s up to 50%

EA to have titles for Wii U launch

Electronic Arts, one of the biggest publishers and developers in the world, is naturally expected to bring their